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Submission + - Microsoft to disable Autorun!!! (

jchrisos writes: "Microsoft is planning to disable autorun in the next Release Candidate of Windows 7 and future updates to Windows XP and Vista. In order to maintain a "balance between security and usability", non-writable media will maintain its current behavior however. In any case, if it means no more autorun on flash drives, removable hard drives and network shares, that is definitely a step in the right direction. Will be interesting to see what malware creators do to get around this..."
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Submission + - Woman Fired for Facebooking While Out Sick (

onehitwonder writes: "CNET recently blogged about an insurance company in Switzerland that fired an employee after catching her on Facebook when she was supposed to be out sick. The company claims it didn't so much fire her for spending time on Facebook as it did for her lying to the company about her whereabouts. The employee, meanwhile, accuses her former employer of spying on her.

The case raises several complicated questions and inspired me to write a blog entry examining some of the issues at play. I wonder, is the employer justified in its method of exposing employee wrong-doing and in the disciplinary action it took? Or did the employer over-step its bounds in setting up a sting operation on Facebook to catch the employee?"

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