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Comment: Oops (Score 1) 450

by Vrekais (#49229035) Attached to: Reactions to the New MacBook and Apple Watch

Almost all the people I've met with Macbooks have been musicians, despite the advent of diigital distribution being able to burn a CD or music is still something a lot of them do. Also having enough connectivity for Midi controllers and other peripherals is a must.

I get the Mac Book Air, it's effectively Chrome Book's worth of connectivity for people with more money than sense.

But isn't the Mac Book meant to be a production machine, that what people are always trying to convince me they are, and to be fair audio editing software as good as what comes free with a Macbook does make the price more seem more reasonable for the spec.

Comment: Getting their money's worth (Score 1) 109

by Vrekais (#46253843) Attached to: Internet Censorship Back On Australian Agenda

Did the Australian government stop to ask why they might be pirating so much? Perhaps the country has gotten a little tired of paying $100 (AUS) a month watch American TV shows 6 months to a year after their release.

    Lack of legal access to content at a fair price in this globalised world isn't working. Australia is a diverse nation, I have friends living there and I'm from Britain. I would imagine that they're getting annoyed having to wait all the time for new releases. I've heard of series being delayed for longer than a year before now and there's not even any translating to do. The video games market was at one time just as bad, games delayed by overly strict censorship, like having to remove all the gore from Left 4 Dead 2.

Comment: That is the UK system pretty much (Score 1) 597

by Vrekais (#46247985) Attached to: Financing College With a Tax On All Graduates

We get loans for Tuition and Living and then the repayments are 9% of what we earn over £22000. If you earn less than that, or haven't paid off the total by the time we're 65 the rest is written off.

The only major issues are that not everyone is entitled to the same amount of loan, it depends on your household income which if you live at home includes your parent (or parent). I've seen quite a few people be screwed by this because their family have a high income on paper but also large outgoings and can't make up the almost £3500 you don't get over a certain income.

It shouldn't really be called a loan, a tax is a far more accurate representation and I feel that calling it a loan puts people off even looking at going to University. It doesn't affect your credit here, doesn't make it harder to get credit cards of mortgages and no one will ever be chasing you down for it as the payments are automatically calculating when your taxes are worked out by your employer.

Comment: Re:Palm will be missed (Score 1) 102

by Vrekais (#43155045) Attached to: Don't Write Them Off: A Palm Retrospective

The AC above was me neglecting to remember I wasn't logged in at Uni. I had a Pre 2 as well before I dropped it in a bucket of water, I thought the Pre 3 would be better but if I'm completely honest the Pre 2 was a lot more stable in many ways. My Pre 3 has had some odd little errors and issues that I can't seem to fix, I'd have probably swapped to an Android phone by now if any of the manufacturers would be nice enough to release a phone with a physical keyboard here in the UK.

I've still got Palm Zires, Palm IIIs and a Palm Lifedrive knocking about some where, should get them put in display cases or something...

Comment: Stand up or change touch orientation (Score 1) 610

by Vrekais (#42495139) Attached to: 'Gorilla Arm' Will Keep Touch Screens From Taking Over

While I'm not entirely certain gorilla arm is a big an issue as it's made to be (if extending your arm repeatedly was really that painful we wouldn't be using white boards would we?) I don't see my self using a vertical touch screen, putting touch that far away seems odd.

However a PC set out like a Nintendo DS (for lack of a better analogous device) would be awesome. Keyboard when you need it, drawing board when you need it, move things up to the top screen to view, type on and read then down to the bottom for in depth manipulation. Probably still with a mouse just to soften the change.

Comment: Re:What about LibreOffice (Score 2) 480

I personally can't stand it when people try to draw in either MS Office or OpenOffice as 90% it's not quite what you want and it only looks the way you drew it on 50% of the computers you try to open it on. OpenOffice has a Drawing Application, MS Office sometimes has Visio... a lot of formatting issues and content going missing would be easily solved if people used a fit for purpose application to do the drawing and then used the Word or Writer to import the graphics in their completed form.

Words and Writer's drawing options are like the tacky extra HTML tags that only certain browsers could understand that were not part of any proper standard. I never expect them to look the same between versions of either. Then again I'm saying this as some one who studies computing rather than someone who just uses them to do work and not unfairly expects them to work as intended.

Am I alone thinking this?

Comment: Re:Mobile bandwidth (Score 1) 261

by Vrekais (#41742361) Attached to: The UK's 5-Minute 4G Data Cap

I'll just say, having gotten this far into the comments and no one else having said, that in Britain "tariff" does not mean Tax you are indeed correct. It is broadly applied to anything of a repeat payment nature, usually essential services such as Gas, Electricity, Water and I suppose in today's world Internet Services and Mobile Phone plans.

In fact tariff never means Tax in English technically, but as you said they are applied to goods usually when imported or exported but as a fee not a tax. (Slavishly paraphrased from Wikipedia as I was curious).

Comment: Re:Good (Score 1) 228

by Vrekais (#41150881) Attached to: Lexmark To Exit Inkjet Printer Market

Not me, I had a WiFi lexmark printer that would fall off my network if you left it plugged in for more than 10 minutes at a time (my theory was the the Power Supply was getting so hot it disrupted the Wifi chip right next to it). Few other friends had issues with them which led to use all saying that "Lexmark don't make printers, they make the idea of printers" :D

Comment: Gender and Sex are different! (Score 2) 559

by Vrekais (#40854747) Attached to: The Tricky Science of Olympic Gender Testing

Dictionaries also list the word "quite" as meaning "complete"... as in "quite good" meaning "completely good" and not "some what good" as most people use it. Dictionaries also list a meaning of irony that people get wrong every single day. My point is that languages are living, dictionaries are by their very nature out of date as soon as they are published. They are the be all and end all of a language unless you're playing scrabble.

Gender has in the past decade come more and more to describe a psychological state rather than a state based purely on what set of sexual organs you happen to have been born with.

Sex is the biological difference between two animals and even that's a grey line occasionally. You can have XX chromosomes and still appear Male.

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