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Comment: ICYMI: Frontline's Secret State of North Korea (Score 5, Informative) 62

by eldavojohn (#49171137) Attached to: Inside the North Korean Data Smuggling Movement
This exact same topic was covered in Frontline's special on North Korea over a year ago. Their point of contact was Jiro Ishimaru of Asiapress who was sneaker netting USBs over the border. They even took a video of people trying to watch on a tiny screen and having to shut everything down whenever they heard someone outside.

The documentary also touched on humanitarian issues as much as it could using a secret camera. Sad stuff. Great thing to watch. Occasionally you can catch it streaming on Netflix but it seems to not be available right now.

Comment: Nightly Builds (Score 1) 514

by codeButcher (#49137511) Attached to: Users Decry New Icon Look In Windows 10

It seems to me the problem here is the nightly build process, which seems to have even reached the graphics artists. Rather than checking in nothing, which would break the build, he/she/it/they checked in hastily concocted outline stuff. Heck, that music note on the article screenshot is HARDLY recognizable as one. After all, when one does read sheet music, notes are akin to typeset letters, not merely baubles hanging off a washing line by their tails.

Well, this is what I HOPE to be the case, and that something more polished goes into that software, both what one can see on-screen and the stuff behind the scenes....

Comment: Summary writing (Score 1) 129

by codeButcher (#49135439) Attached to: Inventors Revolutionize Beekeeping

This must be the first summary I've read on /. in over a dozen years that wasn't just a copy-pasted paragraph from the article. Kudos for that.

On the other hand, I didn't much like the slant (which must be popular in the post-modern, green, politically-correct, think-of-everything-little, brave new world) of the first sentence.

Hell yeah, I'm gonna prune that sucker of a peach tree in my back yard (or as you may prefer to put it: rob it of of it's precious, verdant, aspiring fire wood) despite the fact that peach trees grow just fine without pruning. Why? So that it can bear more precious, fragrant, soft, juicy fruit, of which I will rob it too. That's the whole point of planting a tree in my back yard (instead of burning fossil fuels to travel to some place thousands of miles away that has wild trees, just to collect a few.)

Oh, and please get off my precious green lawn while you're at it.

Comment: Anecdotal, admittedly, but.... (Score 2) 133

by codeButcher (#49101637) Attached to: Crystal Pattern Matching Recovers Obliterated Serial Numbers From Metal

... how to recover serial numbers obliterated from metal surfaces such as firearms and automobiles ... In the NIST experiments... researchers hammered the letter 'X' into a polished stainless steel plate.

Just had a look at the few automobiles and firearms I own. None are made out of polished stainless steel plate.

Also, while my oldtimers are stamped, I recall seeing a few items of more recent manufacture that had the s/n milled into the substrate.

Comment: Re:Browser Makers Should Get The Message (Score 1) 353

by codeButcher (#49080921) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Most Useful Browser Extensions?
Apart from finishing the current article and starting new one(s) only then, continuing to read the current article also allows a slow link to finish the non-instantaneous (sometimes painful) process of loading.

I've you'd used Firefox, you would have a little checkbox that allowed you to choose between the two options sans plugins.

Comment: Re:perforce (Score 1) 343

by codeButcher (#49074313) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Version Control For Non-Developers?

perforce - Easy to install, free for 20-users or less, rock solid, and clients for many OSes. Most importantly, it supports single-user checkouts, which is vital for things like Word documents that won't merge.

Used at a workplace, many years ago, for non-source code (binary file format)-versioning needs (e.g. documentation, when that was still written as part of the process, which goes to show how long ago that was). Anyhow, we didn't particularly like it, and soon started talking about "Perverse"....

I'm PRETTY SURE it has improved since those days...

Comment: Burst Forth, Publish Your Policy Report! (Score 5, Insightful) 213

If you look at this list, the majority of these problems are man-made. Other than a super volcano and an asteroid impact, the solution seems pretty simple. We must abandon all technology and kill all but a small percentage of the population. And those that are left must live in isolated groups. That way there will not be a world wide disease outbreak.

Yep, that's the only option. There's nothing between doing nothing and that option. It's all we have. And if anyone starts to talk about mitigation strategies, planning ahead of time or devoting a single cent of taxpayer money toward preparing for it, we are just all going to have a meltdown and throw a tantrum with teabags on our hats. Thank god we have these strawman arguments for what these ivory tower Oxford elitists are telling us to do: eliminate the human race to protect the human race. I cannot believe they would actually come to that conclusion but there it is, right in the article. Those environmentalists will have us starving in mud huts by the end of the month if we just sit by and let this academic report go unabated and without criticism!

*tortured sigh*

Comment: Re:Planets are gravity traps. One prison for anoth (Score 1) 131

Hm, indeed. But Mars will be a consumer of resources as far as the Earth is concerned, as it will not return energy or materials to the home world. It provides adventure and a limited amount of room for the fortunate; it can't ship back things we need, AKA power from powersats, or metals, or even habitats for animals that will be wiped out soon enough. As a side note, it would also consume our best and brightest, so the net effect for Earth would be negative again. Yep, we can do both - but Elon Musk is a Mars-only guy. And he doesn't understand electromagnetic launching from Earth, as he thinks we have to fire the ship through atmosphere at escape velocity right from the railhead, when instead you only require a few hundred miles an hour to eliminate the first stage. He is great, but he needs a little advice.

Ya'll hear about the geometer who went to the beach to catch some rays and became a tangent ?