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Comment Re:three words, one hyphen: (Score 1) 549 549

Cell phones are for-profit, and get better and cheaper every year. They also don't cost $2000.

Computers are for-profit, and get better and cheaper every year. They also don't cost $2000 unless you get an absurd one.

The difference?

The government doesn't interfere as much with these markets, so they're allowed to function.

Comment Re:Gridlocked with No Way to Prime the Pump (Score 1) 438 438

Except those 'Crisis’s' were nothing compared to the ones we have today. Not only that, but some well-known historians have backtracked on how bad they actually were, but in the legitimate ones where we recovered quickly, they were caused by roughly the same thing that causes them today.

Banks doing stupid crap, back then banks could do stupid crap and as a result, fail.

Now today, thanks to government and fiat currencies, banks can do stupid crap, the government prints lots of money to bail them out, and they stay in business and all get their bonuses.

Another point, we're still having crisis every few years anyway. We have a recession, what’s the solution? PRINT LOTS OF MONEY, INFLATE NEW BUBBLE.

Comment Re:Gridlocked with No Way to Prime the Pump (Score 1) 438 438

"So, you have to dig at least 100 years for arguments for the gold standard?"

Well, being as we went off the real gold standard in 1913, yeah pretty much. The 'gold' standard after 1913 was fraudulent, thats why they had to confiscate everyones gold in 1933 while making it illegal to own.

Sure, you can go die in a world war. But no, you can't own a shiney yellow metal. Oh no no no no.

Comment Re:Gridlocked with No Way to Prime the Pump (Score 1) 438 438

And your analogy is even worse.

When someone wants things, they want it now. They're not going to wait a year to purchase something that they want now, otherwise nobody would have ever bought a computer, or a new automobile even.

If we had a similar currency system setup for the whole economy, it would not be as volatile and prices would only go down as productivity increases. Even so, people aren’t going to wait when they actually want something.

And everybody needs to buy things and pay for things.

When we were on the gold standard from 1800-1900, the price level dropped by 50% over one hundred years and we had some of the largest economic expansion in human history.

The world didn’t end.

Comment How about this... (Score 1) 259 259

Here's a better idea.

How about NASA setup a portal where citizens can donate money directly to NASA, in exchange for priority access varying on how much they contribute every month. Then NASA is no longer subject to the whims of congress, but by how much people value NASA.

If people want NASA, they'll be willing to pay for it directly, instead of indirectly through taxation.

Comment Re:In other industries ... (Score 1) 550 550

Except in reality this won't actually increase any safety, what it will become is a rent seeking entity and regulatory capture nightmare, as what happens with most situations

It will also drive prices of everything though the roof, because one can always argue for more safety regulations (whether they increase safety or not), and then claim anyone who's against it wants people to die in horrible ways.

Comment Re:Why is this man allowed to keep so much money? (Score 2) 552 552

The federal government would spend all of Bill Gates money in like a week.

What's your plan for week two?

By the way, Bill Gates doesn't actually have all of that money. He has ASSETS which are worth all of that money.

Guess what? In order to confiscate all of his wealth, you have to confiscate those assets. Except those assets aren’t money, who are you going to sell the assets to? Who’s going to buy the assets if they know that the government could just confiscate them?

Comment That's right (Score 1) 326 326

Don't drop out of college kids, get into massive amounts of debt being forced to pay for classes you have zero interest in and pay through the nose for books that become worthless in a year.

Because then you'll really be able to start a business after your $30,000-$200,000 in the hole.

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