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Comment: Re:I drive at every opportunity (Score 1) 682

by Vomibra (#21068097) Attached to: United Makes Plans to Drop 'Baggage Neutrality'

Except that the only choice for rail (Amtrak) takes twice as long as driving at the best of times. For short trips, you might as well drive. For medium distances (10 hours driving), your travel time balloons to over a full day in most cases. For long distances (cross country), you pretty much have to fly.

There's just not a place for rail to fit in.


+ - A good look at six open source graphics utilities

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Tis article provide a survey of a number of popular Linux data visualization tools and include some insight into their other capabilities. For example, does the tool provide a language for numerical computation? Is the tool interactive or does it operate solely in batch mode? Can you use the tool for image or digital signal processing? Does the tool provide language bindings to support integration into user applications (such as Python, Tcl, Java programming languages, and so on)? It also demonstrate the tools' graphical capabilities. Finally, it identifies the strengths of each tool to help you decide which is best for your computational task or data visualization."

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