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Comment: Totally understandable (Score 0) 632

by Voltar (#30227970) Attached to: Contributors Leaving Wikipedia In Record Numbers
The only thing they allow to be edited/created are sci-fi articles and ultra-left-wing screeds against those on the right, or society in general. Anyone try to change anything against the grain on Obama's or Pelosi's pages lately? You get hounded for a week from the "editors". Of course you can any anything you like on Palin's or Limbaugh's pages.

+ - AT&T to Sell iPhone Without Contract for $400

Submitted by Voltar
Voltar (973532) writes "Foxbusiness is reporting that "AT&T Inc. will sell the new version of the iPhone without a service contract for $400 more than the price with a two-year plan, a break from the rules set when Apple Inc.'s popular touch-screen gadget debuted last year." However, it still will only work with AT&T's Network on a month-to-month basis. I just have to ask...why bother if it will only work on ATT anyway?"

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