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Comment: Re:Sign up? (Score 1) 281

by BitZtream (#49378513) Attached to: Sign Up At Before Crooks Do It For You

is pwnership of your computer

And be around and watching/sniffing when you login to to get your password. Unless you're doing something retarded like storing your password unencrypted in a text file. Most of us have OSes with Password managers that don't suck ass.

Of course, they could just take the information from your mailbox on pretty much any given day of the week for most people and sign themselves up.

Your security concerns are really silly, there are far easier ways to own you, and by the time they've rooted your PC with malware to do what you want, they have everything anyway so your comment is pretty retarded, considering its far more useful to get to your bank accounts and credit accounts which actually have money available to them versus your IRS account which takes money from you.

Comment: Re:Ancient Chinese wisdom (Score 1) 114

Or ... More likely, the story is complete bullshit.

China would really sanction such a petty operation against github ... WHY?

GitHub is suddenly target because of what?

It makes no sense for the Chinese to use their own primary connectivity to the rest of the world to run a half assed DDoS against a company that almost no one outside the OSS world even knows exists.

And if they wanted to do it, they'd take github down and be done with it. China has WAY more bandwidth than github, even taking AWS into account.

The whole story is wildly unbelievable to anyone who stops and thinks about it rather running life a half cocked nut job like appearently slashdot has devolved to. If you believe this story, you really need to come back to reality

Comment: Re:As an Australian... (Score 1) 147

by metrix007 (#49333839) Attached to: Draconian Australian Research Law Hits Scientists

How can you say Australia is more reasonable? Look at the story you are commenting on. You think the penalties for sending an email as mention in the summary are reasonable? Really?

My comment was more general in regards to Australia and some of the laws that have been being passed and not specific to this story.

Comment: Re:As an Australian... (Score 2) 147

by metrix007 (#49333495) Attached to: Draconian Australian Research Law Hits Scientists

Agreed. The US is bad, but not as bad as Australia, which is why I left there.

I can deal with overly eager racist cops, lack of decent social care, lack of regulation in the market, corruption and ignorance and apathy in the general populace.

I'd much rather deal with that then the crazy censorship and rights-stripping laws the commonwealth countries are so eager to introduce.

Comment: Re:How are HTML5, CSS and JS not proprietary? (Score 2, Informative) 95

by BitZtream (#49308989) Attached to: South Korea Begins To Deprecate ActiveX

I've written many ActiveX controls, some for use in a browser, some not.

At no point was I required to sign or agree to a license to do so.

You can make ActiveX controls with any compiler that supports WIndows and will create DLLs with C++ calling conventions that match the MS style ... So pretty much all Of them.

ActiveX is no different than XPCOM ... Which is at the very core of Firefox, it's just a convention for generic, self describing plugins and is fully publicly documented.

The only insightful thing about your post is that slashdot has fallen to the point that this sort of ignorance is so commonplace that you got modded to +5

Comment: Re: You don't say... (Score 1) 606

by metrix007 (#49296553) Attached to: YouTube Video of Racist Chant Results In Fraternity Closure

It's also fraud, if there is no fire in place.

It's not illegal to yell Fire in a theater when the actor knows there is no fire. The law isn't worded so specifically. What is illegal, is creating a panic on false (fraudulent) premises, which can endanger people. That's why it's illegal.

These days, yelling "Fire!" in a crowdedtheater will probably get you ignored at the best, and asked to leave at the worse.

Comment: Re:Not sure how to feel about this (Score 1) 366

by metrix007 (#49296497) Attached to: Uber Shut Down In Multiple Countries Following Raids

Uber drivers *can* pickup street fares, but you still have to request and pay through the app.

Uber drivers can pick up whoever they want, and cancel any rides requested. There is also no non-compete clause (because they are contractors) so they can work for Lyft and Sidecar at the same time. Many do.

You seem like you really haven't investigated this at all, and are speaking purely from assumptions which happen to be incorrect.

Fools ignore complexity. Pragmatists suffer it. Some can avoid it. Geniuses remove it. -- Perlis's Programming Proverb #58, SIGPLAN Notices, Sept. 1982