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by BitZtream (#47439511) Attached to: FAA Pressures Coldwell, Other Realtors To Stop Using Drone Footage

Stop quoting that single court case bullshit. The case was dismissed because of an overly broad statement in the way the FAA filed it. The judge pretty much told them to narrow it down and I'll see you again in 3 months ... which it will go through. Guess what ... that very case is already back in the schedule to be retried.

And for reference. There have been 2 cases dismissed. One was retried and found in favor of the FAA and the fine stood, the second is on the schedule for retrial.

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I fly UAVs to take pictures of real estate for realtors as well as construction jobs and other various things. I do it 'for fun at cost' which means I pretty much never charge unless I'm asked to do something that results in damage to my UAV. I'm also carrying a few million dollars worth of liability coverage for this purpose.

The 'good shots' are often the ones that would put me well into areas that it is perfectly legal to fly passenger carrying light aircraft, which is only 500 feet outside of congested areas. To get good framing, 500 feet isn't that high. In a city its actually better because higher shots aren't generally as useful unless you're trying to get a tall building because you have to crop so much out of the shot anyway (no one wants to advertise someone ELSEs buildings) and the minimum altitude for aircraft there is 1000 or 2000 feet above obstructions (depending on various other aspects too numerous to get into here)

However, I easily get 'good enough' shots from below 400 feet in most cases. The only problems are large estates where you need to be higher to get enough of the place in view.

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Expecting CA's to be able to reliably fight off professional hackers from dozens of governments and never ever fail is likely an impossible standard to ever meet.

Yet that is exactly what they are supposed to do. Its not even really that hard.

Every CA hack to date has been preventable as was the fault of the CA simply not putting the required effort into doing their job or being flat out malicious. Stop trying to make it out like its an uber hard job, its not.

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Your story sounds like BS.

We are simply not finding many qualified people

You aren't looking very hard then, I know several people who are very good developers, including a Google developer who had to move due to family reasons and simply couldn't stay at Google. I assure you, she was qualified for anything she applied for. So maybe you live in that one place that doesn't have any qualified workers, but since there are people claiming that pretty much everywhere, I call bullshit.

or reject it for reasons other than the salary, such as commute distance.

Another bullshit line. They really went through the entire interview process and THEN decided the commute was too much? That makes no sense at all. You seem to think that these people would waste their time letting you interview them when they never had any intention of taking the offer. That would be pretty stupid and as such makes it hard to believe your version of the story.

We pay $80k-$90k for college graduate starting salaries

Sure you do. Even in the shittiest places to work as far as location and cost of living, you'd have grads beating your door down for the job, moving there from all over the country.

, and a median of $150k for developers with five or more years experience.

Are you in hiring at office int he middle of Manhattan or San Fran? If so, thats not that impressive considering cost of living and experience.

Your entire post just sounds completely unbelievable like its being embellished for you to provide excuses for why you can't hire anyone or pretend that you're even trying.

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Then you've never used Google Glass or have put much thought into what is technically possible with the hardware.

Hint: He's not using it for anything like you might expect and those silly stories you've ready about people overlaying useful information on real world problems are bullshit, none (repeat NONE) of the sensors in glass are accurate enough to do so.

Glass is a joke, ask anyone who has ACTUALLY used one. Its just silly at this stage.

And yes, I have a Glass prototype my former employer paid for. Even with it being his money, it was still a waste of money.

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Why do you believe that there must be a religious explanation for a "soul"?

Why do you believe there must not be a religious explanation for a soul?

Ot goes both ways based on current evidence. There is evidence that the soul is a quantum phenomenon that can not be simply created (for varying definitions of simply) and this possibly explains so many things. I acknowledge its only a possibility and the theory has only a small amount of evidence but you have exactly none to back your statements.

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In quantum fluctuations that happen to reside for some time in part of your brain.

There is already decent evidence that the 'soul' is a quantum phenomenon, which allows it to reside both in your brain and survive death at the same time and it explains all sorts of other odd 'miracles' that occur as well as things like telepathy and twins seeming to 'feel' their twin even from great distances.

This satisfies both the religious definition and the OMG GOD DOESN'T EXIST AND I HATE THE IDEA definition.

Get over it it and accept theres more too it than you understand.

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