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Comment Re: ZFS is nice... (Score 1) 267

ZFS itself needs 4gb of ram to be useful even on small dishes or you end up with no effective caching at all. 8gb is the practical minimum for a small hfs file sever that only does nfs. You want 4-5gb of ram for every tb of deduped data unless you know your dataset really well or you can quickly end up with a file system that can't be mounted because it's continually reading the dedup table that won't fit in RAM and must be consulted before every single read or write ... and if your using the machine for anything, 16gb with no dedup.

Comment Re:securelevel who? (Score 1) 682

Thanks for your civil reply. Honestly, I wasn't expecting that just because of what Slashdot has devolved into.

I agree it is probably unlikely that there are backdoors, and since it was integrated into the kernel and the codebase was used for the SEBSD project (I might be wrong on that), it has been pretty thoroughly reviewed.

I do think depending on the needs of the people wanting to use it, security concerns are valid given the revelations from the NSA in recent years. I don't think the revelations indicate that particular project is compromised, but I understand being concerned.

Comment Re:Great. Another internet-to-CANbus bridge (Score 1) 152

You're wrong on pretty much every account. If you'd ready any fairly recent slash.

Also, the only part of the "life-safety" system you can access is the airbag status.

Sure, because you just don't know the proprietary ODB codes the manufacture uses to control devices for test purposes. Other people do, you can buy them from the manufacture.

Those both have their own isolated subsystems.

Sure, but they are connected and communicate, and due to the lack of decent coders who think about these things, we've repeatedly seen how exploitable these networks are, unless you live under a rock.

You cannot mess up the "life-safety" systems in the car through the ODB-II port, you can only read the status.

A simple Google search will show many demonstrations of exactly how wrong you are.

The things you could change, if a device changed operating mode to the diagnostic mode, are just things that would make your car run like crap, or shut off

... No, just resetting the mixture settings, which is what you're referring to, its the only thing that can be done. ODB-II handles all sorts of shit you're completely unaware of apparently. There are commands required to be common to all cars by the government, those don't do much other than read emissions data. Thats what you're talking about. The are generally several times MORE proprietary codes that the manufacture uses. These are the dangerous ones and I promise you, you're car has them even if you don't realize it.

. Yeah, if you plug this thing into your car, and the software gets cracked, trolls could disable your vehicle. Why should manufacturing stop? If your doorknob was built with a lock that some people could pick, bad people could steal from you. Does that mean that locks shouldn't be manufactured? No, it means you have to choose what product to use, and some people will make poor choices.

Other than you're completely wrong as has been proven and posted here on slashdot on multiple occasions, there is also the fact that this is essentially indoctrinating kids into accepting that someone watching our every move and profiting from it is totally acceptable.

My car is old, a 2000, but even with the car off and the main computer without power, the traction computer is still on and functioning. The anti-lock brakes are on the same computer as the anti-roll parking mode, and the traction assist for ice and snow. I could totally fry the main computer that connects to the ODB-II port, and I'd still have traction control.

Not really, believe it or not traction control requires both braking AND powering the wheels appropriately. So no, you don't have traction control without the engine running.


And if the vehicle is in gear and moving, I'd still have power assist to the brakes even if the engine had stopped firing because of a computer problem

Assuming that someone hasn't simply hacked and disabled those systems via the ODB-II port that you seem to think has this magic firewall that no one could possibly ever break. And to go ahead and clear up some more confusion. That computer is still own because the vehicle control module told it to stay on for a few minutes after the main power is shut down. When communications with the main computer go down ... I'll give you a guess as to what happens ... Hint: its not function as if nothing were wrong.

So before you start telling people they are wrong on the Internet, get a clue.

Ask Chrysler about it, they'd love to sell you a car since you'd never believe they've been owned in multiple ways just recently.

Comment Re:Comments here kind of tell a tale as well. (Score 1) 682

Your post is probably going to warrant those same sort of comments.

Choices have consequences, intended and unattended, deal with it.

You've heard the saying 'You don't get to have your cake and eat it too.", right? Ever figure out what it means?

Its funny that you're implying people are bad for name calling when they don't agree with someone, and then you do pretty much exactly that in a subtler form yourself as you end your message.

So basically the only difference between you and Linus is that Linus doesn't hide his opinion and you don't have the conviction to actually say yours. Yea, your post definitely warrants those same comments.

Seriously, grow a spine ffs.

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