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Comment Re:All the data hasn't been released (Score 1) 443

slowly drive the spike through AM's heart.

Are you kidding? There are 1 girl for every 2200 guys or so, between that factoid and the media interest in this, I'd be a months pay they've gotten more subscribers in the last month than in the last year.

This is doing nothing but good for them, all they need to do is put up a reminder about pre-paid CCs when signing up.
2200:1 ratio is better than 0:1 ratio that most of these people actually have of meeting a girl that's willing to sleep with a married man.

If they had a greater than 0 chance without Ashley Madison, they'd never have used AM in the first place.

Comment Re:Nothing open to the sky (Score 1) 114

Many prisons are entirely enclosed and are not deemed cruel.

Because prisoners still get outside time.

Then the Drones will deliver to where they are outside, instead of the yard.

All you are doing is shifting the problem, not addressing it. Maybe making it ever so slightly more difficult, to a negligible amount that doesn't do the idea justice.

Really, they should just shut down the use of anything electronic within the bounds of the yard. That is much simpler, and far more effective since it also stops a lot of other problems, like cell phone use.

Comment Re:"I am about to be killed, tortured, or exiled," (Score 1, Insightful) 705

No, he could use common sense.

Common sense says you don't publish shit ON A PUBLIC NETOWRK, let alone on a fucking outlawed (in his country) social media site ...

And work to change your oppressive regime.

See the two things are only slightly related, you can in fact do either one without the other, or both, or none.

What you don't get is to pretend it wasn't your fault that people found your were a closeted homosexual because YOU POSTED IT ON THE FUCKING INTERNET.

Don't post public shit on the internet if you don't want the world to know, dumbass. It's his own fault, 100%. His direct actions led him to this dillema.

Comment Re:Very sad - but let's get legislation in place N (Score 1, Interesting) 705

Considering that Ashley Madison as a whole is illegal in most jurisdictions I would be really surprised if those laws had no effect.

In NC, USA, the Ashley Madison website is in direct violation of several marriage statutes, namly around willful alienation of affection, which is punishable with jail time.

Affairs are probably illegal in most states in the U.S. If not all. Facilitating criminal conduct intentionally IS a crime in every state in the U.S.

Comment Not impressed (Score 1) 157

According to IW, for the last three-and-a-half years, Stenn said he's worked 100-plus hours a week answering emails, accepting patches, rewriting patches to work across multiple operating systems, piecing together new releases, and administering the NTP mailing list.

First off, bullshit. Well, bullshit or he sucks at his job or he doesn't want to do anything BUT his job.

If that was a problem, he could say 'I quit' and he would get help. But he doesn't. And he's not the maintainer of the protocol, just a daemon, arguably not even the best one at this point, especially based on his claims of how much work it takes to keep it going.

This whole thing wreaks of whiney little bitch syndrome.

If he wanted Apple to contribute to his lively hood he should have contracted like any more 60 year old person knows to do. Its not like he hasn't been doing software dev for a few years.

Comment Re:Insurance subsidy? (Score 1) 204

Not when everyone just stops showing moderation and gets trashed because they don't have to drive home, they can just get a cheap cab because its on their insurance.

And then I end up paying way more cause you can rest assured that Insurance companies aren't going to eat the cost.

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