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Comment: Working as intended (Score -1, Troll) 634

by Vladius (#45160691) Attached to: British NHS May Soon No Longer Offer Free Care
This is what happens when you allow modern American Conservatism in on the process. Their goal is probably the same screwed up system we have here (which Obamacare tries to fix but falls short). This is nothing but a bunch of plutocrats profiting off of the suffering of human beings. This was a system that people loved, so what happened? It was intentionally broken.

Comment: Dead (Score 1) 150

by Vladius (#43042433) Attached to: Blizzard Set To Debut 'Something New' At PAX East
I'm finished with Blizzard. After the giant pile of diarrhea that was Cataclysm they decide to fix it with Pandas and Pokemon. Then we get a Starcraft sequel we waited years for that played the same as the first while being split into 3 games to make more money for Activision. Then there was Diablo 3 which was a worse game than it's predecessors and now we find out that they were blowing smoke up our asses by being a PC only company then cripple a flagship IP with a game that was killed by consolitis. Any semblance of the old guard has no more power anymore and they are nothing more than a cash register for Activision. It's a sad story: game company makes good games then gets bought by beancounters then turns into a shit factory over time. I don't care what Blizzard does anymore. Blizzard is dead.

Comment: Thanks Google (Score 2) 110

by Vladius (#42759649) Attached to: Online Ads Are More Dangerous Than Porn, Cisco Says
I've noticed similar shadyness with Google ads and just about all "sponsored content" you see on websites. You see the bullshit tags like "Doctors angered at woman's self treatment" or links to sites that seem to do nothing more than try to scare you to invest. The internet is full of bullshit. Somehow, for some reason Google is one of the richest companies in the world because of it. I'd like to know, who actually clicks on this shit.

Comment: To hell with Manning (Score 1) 341

by Vladius (#42481801) Attached to: Adrian Lamo Explains His Decision To Expose Bradley Manning
It kills me all of this mindless hero worship for Manning. I don't care that he was gay even though it's obvious he had serious mental issues and should have never been allowed in the service much less given a security clearance. What really bothers me is that after leaking the information he could have likely gone unnoticed afterward. Wanna know how he got caught? He was bragging and making jokes about what he did with Adrian Lamo. Yes sir, that makes him a real hero. Manning was a real bradass...LOL On the other hand I don't agree with the government going after Assange. He's a Swedish citizen that owes no loyalty to the US. If all he did was receive and retransmit what Manning sent them then that's fine. If Assange helped him though that might be a different story. I also don't agree with the mistreatment of Manning. Someone needs to be brought to task for this. We have combatants in custody that are likely being treated better. I wonder. Just how many people may have died due to Manning's leak.

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