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Scientists Invent World's First Anti-Laser 241

Posted by timothy
from the what-about-my-anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-laser? dept.
Velcroman1 writes "Two scientists at Yale University have built the laser's first doppelganger: the anti-laser. While a conventional laser emits a constant beam of light in one direction, the anti-laser simply does the opposite. It takes that same steady light stream and interacts with it in such a way that it absorbs and cancels out the light. And scientists hope the strange creation could help the fight against cancer. A. Douglas Stone, one of the two researchers behind the project, said he came up with the idea for a 'nega-laser' when working with equations for a random laser with his partner in crime, Hui Cao. 'I figured, if we just somehow illuminated the cavity, and replaced the gain medium with something that tends to absorb light, we could essentially reverse the process,' Stone said. Oh, that makes sense."

Comment: Re:PDF Yes, Flash No (Score 1) 172

by Vladimus (#29934683) Attached to: Adobe Pushing For Flash and PDF In Open Government Initiative

HTML is a great middle ground. By following XHTML rules and combining it with CSS, you have a very parse-able document and can typeset it virtually any way you want. I've loved the PDF format since it was PostScript, since it can literally do anything involving typesetting or vectors, but trying to get data out of it sucks. It'd be great if adobe could somehow embed text data or XML into it, but I don't see that happening.

I wonder if SVG might work well.

+ - Hulu talks of going behind a paywall in 2010->

Submitted by Killer Orca
Killer Orca (1373645) writes "Chase Carey, the deputy chairman of News. Corp has stated that Hulu will soon be charging for broadcast content. Not all content will be paid but there is no mention of whether premium channels like HBO will eventually be added or whether the advertisements will go away for paid content. Either way this represents a significant turning point for Hulu."
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+ - Augustine Committee Report Released->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The Augustine Committee report has been released for the world to read. From the concluding summary: "Either additional funds need to be made available or a far more modest program involving little or no exploration needs to be adopted.""
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Comment: Re:Yawn (Score 1) 572

by Vladimus (#29838569) Attached to: Yahoo Offered Lap Dances At Hack Event
I can't speak so much about the Seattle area, but I've definitely seen it with execs in the Southern U.S. and in the San Francisco Bay Area, though not so much in geek circles. A former roommate and a relative of mine would go all the time as part of their corporate jobs; hell, they were even told to use some of their company-alloted budget to do it. Even at a small (20 employees) company my bosses would go and sometimes take clients during lunch or at the end of a day.

+ - Symbian MicroKernel finally goes Open Source->

Submitted by ruphus13
ruphus13 (890164) writes "Symbian announced over a year ago that they were going to Open Source their code, and the industry has been patiently waiting for that to happen. Well, it finally has. According to news on Wednesday, "Symbian has released its platform microkernel, and software development kit (SDK), as open source under the Eclipse Public License. The Symbian Foundation claims that it is moving quickly toward an open source model, which is questionable, but the release of the EKA2 kernel is a signal that Symbian still means business about adopting an open source model. Accenture, ARM, Nokia and Texas Instruments contributed software to the microkernel, Symbian officials said. ""
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+ - Nigerian "Scam Police" shut down 800 web sites\

Submitted by
Sooner Boomer
Sooner Boomer writes "Nigerian police in what is named Operation "Eagle Claw" have shut down 800 scam web sites, and arrested members of 18 syndicates behind the fraudulent scam sites. Reports on Breitbart.com, and Pointblank give details on the busts. The investigation was done in cooperation with Microsoft, to help develop smart technology software capable of detecting fraudulent emails. From Breitbart "When operating at full capacity, within the next six months, the scheme, dubbed "eagle claw" should be able to forewarn around a quarter of million potential victims.". So maybe Microsoft does a little bit of good after all."

+ - Virus-Like Particles May Mean Speedier Flu Vacines->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "As the world struggles to produce enough H1N1 vaccine, Technology Review reports on two human trials involving so-called virus-like particles (VLP) vaccines, which promise to be much faster to churn out. VLP vaccines use a protein shells, grown in either plants or insect cells, that look just like real viruses to the body's immune system but that contain no influenza RNA genetic material. A company called Medicago grows its VLPs in transgenic tobacco plants, while another, called Novavax, uses a "immortalized" cells taken from caterpillars. Providing they pass safety regulations both techniques should be able to produce an influenza vaccine more quickly than current methods, using just the DNA of the virus."
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+ - A High-Res 3D Video of the Embryonic Heartbeat->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Researchers at the University of Houston, TX, adapted an imaging technique called optical coherence tomography to capture at 3D video of the mammalian heart as it forms. They used the method to image a mouse embryo just 8.5 days past conception and about a day after it starts to form. In the remarkable video a normal heartbeat is visible. Normally optical coherence tomography is used for clinical imaging of the retina. Having such a high-resolution, non-invasive way to image the developing heart could perhaps help doctors treat congenital heart disorders in human babies."
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