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Comment Re:No options for you (Score 1) 411

No, its the "FUCK YOU! we know how to use our browser better than you" philosophy.

Hey, they maintain the browser, I'd assume they know how to use it better than I do.
That is not really the point - I have a way that works and they have just killed it. I do not want to spend a couple of days looking for alternatives when this problem was caused by maintainers breaking something because they felt like it. The maintainers are maintaining for their own enjoyment and the lusers are out of luck.
If the solution is something which also works under another browser, I'll look at adopting the other browser.

Comment Re:Whatever happened to the do not call list? (Score 1) 250

I am in Europe and was getting up to 10-15 calls a week from Italian numbers 2-6 years ago. The numbers seemed to change pretty much with every call although I seem to remember it was only the last 4-6 digits which would vary. I would have cheerfully blacklisted the entire country but could not find a way to do this.
As it was I would turn the telephone off when I was away for more than a day, really "off" - "The number you are dialing is currently unavailable".

In the end (after years of this) they put me on their own blacklist.

Submission + - BIOS/UEFI updates comeing to windows 10 windows update and more (zdnet.com) 1

Joe_Dragon writes: Microsoft updates support policy: New CPUs will require Windows 10

In a change to its longstanding support policy, Microsoft says PCs based on new CPU architectures, including Intel's Skylake chips, will require Windows 10. A list of preferred systems will support older Windows versions on new hardware, but only for 18 months.

"For the listed systems, along with our OEM partners, we will perform special testing to help future proof customers' investments, ensure regular validation of Windows Updates with the intent of reducing potential regressions including security concerns, and ensure all drivers will be on Windows Update with published BIOS/UEFI upgrading tools, which will help unlock the security and power management benefits of Windows 10 once the systems are upgraded."

I think that putting BIOS/UEFI updates in to the windows 10 auto / forced update system is a real bad idea and may even open MS to having to pay the cost to replace an $600-$1000+ laptop and or $100-$300+ MB. If it's update system try to flash at the wrong time or at a very risky time say right when the is a big storm or at a time where the power is not very stable. Even more so with a install updates on shutdown.

And it can lead to an update loop on a laptop with you must be on AC power to install the bios update and then the system reboots and then windows retry's the update again.

Comment Ultimate REMF (Score 1) 144

These people are the ultimate REMF.
They are obviously *waay* to the rear and - I suppose owing to faulty or outdated intelligence - quite a few of their targets turned out to be families. Some will have been families of terrorists, others not even that. From what I read, drone attacks have a similar effect in radicalising people in the surrounding areas as suicide bombers do. That includes the 911 crew.

Do REMFs normally get medals above and beyond those for "I was involved in that campaign"?

Comment Re:Already fixed (Score 1) 102

That is only relevant up to a point.
My home PC has no Flash, I only use Outlook for my work emails (vpn) and it is fully patched.
The PC provided by the company has Flash - and I do not have the rights to uninstall it - and the latest set of updates have not propagated down to us yet. Microsoft Update is specifically disabled. Maybe the Flash version we have is new enough, maybe the company's mail scanner can keep this thing out. Maybe not.

Comment Re:You're not really explaining why you use T-Bird (Score 2) 388

I know a lot of people who use Webmail, who have their address-books stored on their email providers servers.
Every now and then a receive a rash of spam or scam mails from someone who operates this was and whose email was hacked. I have not noticed any such mails from private addresses where they use a "proper" email client. Someone sent a Trojan mail to everyone in the company's Outlook address-book at work this week, a somewhat different case.

Comment Re:soom(tm) (Score 1) 563

Which is about to enter public domain.
I visited a house which had belonged to a rich (doh!) industrialist a few years back, it was somewhere in the immediate vicinity of Duluth and was overlooking Lake Superior. There was a first edition of Mein Kampf in the man's library. I can't remember if it was a translation or in German, probably a translation.
A lot of the rich and famous were interested in little Adolf back then, including the British King's wife, brother and his wife - oh, and Lord Rothermere - the owner of the Daily Mail. Most of them dropped this fascination when war was declared.

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