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Comment None of us own our phones. (Score 2) 341

"...can render the essential features of the device inoperable when the device is not in possession of the rightful owner."?

Well the rightful owners of our phones are technically still Samsung / Apple / LG /

Does that mean they can arbitrarily decide which phones to disable remotely whenever they'd like?

Comment Implying it's not fun? (Score 1) 293

I play StarCraft II quite a bit, and while by no means am I a professional player, I get a little competitive with it. (High Ranking Diamond player, currently.) I don't think they are absolutely on the wrong path, because a large part of the fun (for me) is having a balanced and relatively simple game to compete in. So while it may seem a bit odd to take out the new and intuitive ideas, for the sake of keeping the game balanced, it may be best. Though perhaps not for the types that don't take pleasure in winning? There is something to be said for the custom games, though. There is a /large/ variety to be had there, that could easily cater to the less-competitive players.

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