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Journal Journal: Weight Problems

Ok, so I've always been a heavy guy. Lately, a really heavy guy. So last December, I took the plunge and had gastric bypass surgery. I started the process at 411 pounds and was down around to around 390 when I hit surgery. Consider it the ultimate 'case mod'. You can read a lot about the surgery (including stories of people who didn't survive it) on this page.

I have survived and I'm down to around 300 pounds now. It is a big surgery and a big life change, but I am doing well with it.

I'd be willing to talk to anyone about the procedure if they are interested. There have to be at least a couple people here who want to drop some weight and have failed at all the diets. Email me with WLS in the subject line or post here if you want more information.


Journal Journal: New Hex CD Out

HEX has released their first full CD. You can buy it on MP3.COM or download it for free (MP3 format and all artwork) on their home page. I have the demo and it rocks. My full CD is on the way.

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