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Comment: Tested alcohol regularely? (Score 2) 121

by Vitus Wagner (#43101335) Attached to: Protecting the Solar System From Contamination

Oh, these engineers only need a slightest exuse to get some alcohol by taxpayers money. They would indeed test it regularily. Because they know that contamination might happen only in the imagination of bad pulp fiction writer, and alcohol has a much better uses than to spill it onto the rover.

Comment: This is not protocol flaw, this is business model (Score 2) 64

by Vitus Wagner (#34948960) Attached to: Fake GSM Base Station Trick Targets IPhones

There are a lot of people discussing "flaws" in the GSM, "nice features" in UMTS and no one mentioning stupiid truth.
Problem not in the protocols, or software. Problem is that operators think that they have right to control user equipment.

And when this equipment grows from the stupid phone to full-featured computer, user privacy goes void.

Do not be afraid of rogue with laptop, be afraid of operator's insider.

What would happen if next generation of phones would get direct brain interfaces? You'll allow operators to control your brain just like now they control your calendars and bookshelves?

Comment: Keep your email under your bed! (Score 1) 490

by Vitus Wagner (#31496236) Attached to: 11th Circuit Eliminates 4th Amend. In E-mail

I prefer to run SMTP-server on my home machine and never let any ISP, Google or whomever to store copies of my mail any longer than it is needed for technical purposes of SMTP protocol.

With current broadband penetration everyone can do the same. Plug a USB-flash into your Wi-Fi acces point and run postfix on it.

Waste not, get your budget cut next year.