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Comment: Re:I Pay (Score 1) 319

What people don't realize here is how efficient Comcasts business model is; They create a problem and some company that uses their network pays them to resolve it -- no in-between muss and fuss and no need to involve the customer.

If Comcast can grow larger, they can create more toll booths on their digital superhighway to guarantee that people who use their network a lot, pay for it a lot.

If we all buy Comcast stock, we'll make a bundle and be able to afford to move to a country that isn't putting up with this fascist shit.

Comment: Re:Not possible (Score 1) 410

Ideally, a lot of ways that people avoid taxes would be to put money into endeavors that help society.

The MOST important thing is election reform and getting rid of all the pro corporate rulings of the Roberts Court -- those fascists have turned this country into an Oligarchy so tax law will become increasingly jury-rigged in favor of cheaters and not creators.

Comment: Re:What the tax form should look like (Score 1) 410

I agree that we should have a simple tax --- and it could look like that, but it would also need Progressive taxation -- and perhaps no taxes on people below the Median income. There is no way to have a Democracy if you do not redistribute wealth -- a point that will become very clear to everyone if we allow our current pooling of money with the top .1%.

The other issue here is -- we have to do something about the jobs this would remove. If you think that "make work" is wrong and our society is all about efficiency -- then you probably have one of the few jobs that is essential. Teachers, builders, doctors -- those are some of the "must have" jobs. I worked in marketing doing multimedia -- I only have a job because there isn't one company providing the product (and thus efficiency). Competition does lead to better products -- but it's very wasteful, why have two or more companies? Advertising is a large expense -- and it produces nothing. It does not really inform, it merely drowns out mindshare of other companies.

The fact is that MOST employment is created by government regulation and artificial rules of the game -- like not having monopolies.

If there were no complex taxes -- you don't need all the accountants -- much less TurboTax. But you also lose a lot of other professionals involved in this process. If you have no pollution controls -- then you don't need scrubbers and technicians to build them. It's more efficient to have only trains and houses set up on a grid -- you don't need people to build and service cars.

So yes -- make taxes simpler and fairer -- but we also have to have ways for people to be employed and that requires government -- it's really sad that the people who propose free market everything don't notice the cesspools on this planet where there are no rules for the game.

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Then we have the people who don't get that concern over nuclear war prevented nuclear war and concern over ozone depletion pushed laws to reduce ozone depletion. We have an overabundance of people NOT listening to the sirens because they don't trust the smoke alarm.

The problem is if there is NO MONEY going to research -- there won't be enough people trained in the science because selfishly, they want to eat and raise families while doing their job.

Companies are perfectly happy to make billions a year pimping new formulations of old drugs or cough medicine -- next year's innovation; Avocado flavor! Evidenced by the fact that there is more spent on marketing at most drug companies than research.

Comment: I like this idea Japan! (Score 1) 80

by Vitriol+Angst (#46756093) Attached to: Humans Are Taking Jobs From Robots In Japan

It's great that they are forward looking and value craftsmanship.

In the USA, we are now stealing jobs from Canada -- because we are so awesome!

Oh wait -- no, they just underbid Canadian workers who were bending over backwards in negotiations to keep Caterpillar jobs -- after they won the contract from workers in Georgia. Next, India will likely "win" the contract as they underbid Wisconsin even with the ever lower wages.

I've already paid for my college education -- so I still have THAT advantage over a robot.

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by Vitriol+Angst (#46609369) Attached to: Judge OKs Class Action Suit Against Apple For E-Book Price Fixing

This is a clear example of Fascism in action.

The #1 Bookseller uses the Justice System to guarantee it's success when the marketplace alone does not. I wonder if the Justice Department had an impulse to step in and preserve competition in the marketplace -- or if it went away when money changed hands.

Comment: Re:Legal Action Hasn't Worked (Score 1) 88

by Vitriol+Angst (#46609355) Attached to: Judge OKs Class Action Suit Against Apple For E-Book Price Fixing

So in this case, the Justice department swoops in to punish the one group preventing Amazon from owning the ebook market as a monopoly.

I love WalMart prices folks, but Amazon was going to own this whole game. WalMart prices go up, you'll notice, in areas where there are no other big competitors. If the #1 Bookseller has cheaper books and doesn't have the Agency Model -- then how the Hell is Apple price fixing?

Apple's prices sucked and most people were not going to buy from them unless they had plenty of money and liked the convenience. They had no other "retailer" they were fixing prices with. Now, you could say the Agency Model itself is price fixing (it is, in a way) but that would mean it would be the booksellers setting prices for all the outlets.

The judgement in this case is exactly opposite of what was threatening the marketplace. It's either Amazon's capturing the market with low prices or the book publishers forcing the price higher -- so they blamed Apple who colluded with nobody but the publishers own pricing model???

Comment: Re:At least it's on our side! (Score 2) 123

by Vitriol+Angst (#46609331) Attached to: Classified X-37B Space Plane Breaks Space Longevity Record

Reducing the governments "size" isn't the issue. Most of the money collected is used for real things and goes into the pockets of real people -- like retiring or sick folks. Do we have to point out that we've got roads and electronics now and that "infrastructure" is more involved than clearing a path for a horse to poop on?

We need transparent government and no secret is a good secret. If something cannot be explained to the public -- it should not be done. We need real representation and election reform.

The problem is not the size -- it's the corruption. You translating this issue into your pet libertarian solution has nothing to do with the actual problem. Wealth disparity and representation; Everything flows from that. If I don't have money my vote is pointless.

Reduce the Federal Government and who builds the roads and redistributes the wealth? The States won't because they will compete with each other to give the wealthy and business a "better deal." The marketplace won't, because without enforcement and regulation, money always pools and you end up with one company providing all of one good or service and maximizing scarcity, not efficiency.

Government gets it's power from the Citizens IF there is representative Democracy -- if there isn't -- then government tends not to give a fuck what the population wants. That's the same here as it is in Russia.

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