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Journal Journal: Linux Fest NorthWest 2004 2 2

I was there! Were you?

I'm in numerous pictures... Can you guess who I am?


  • I'm a member of TacLUG.
  • I wore a black shirt with white lettering that speaks of the forgiveness of Jesus Christ
  • I brought my computer to burn Knoppix CDs to hand out. We gave out well over 100!

I thought the Fest was great, especially our booth! My wife, Kimberly, and Ken Hughes coordinated the booth planning, and Tom Sherer provided a snazzy cover emblazoned with the TacLUG logo!

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Journal Journal: Woah, I have fans? 1 1


I'm at work and I don't have anything really interesting to say at this moment...

But, I will say that I am anxiously awaiting my Neuros Digital Audio Computer!
I bought the 128MB/20GB bundle yesterday during their 12 hour sale. The sale had the unit discounted $50 and I also got an additional discount code for Linux users worth $25 from Emmett Plant.

I've finally learned what "upward compatible" means. It means we get to keep all our old mistakes. -- Dennie van Tassel