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by Virtucon (#47761191) Attached to: A Horrifying Interactive Map of Global Internet Censorship

"Toute nation a le gouvernement qu'elle mérite." - Joseph de Maistre

"Every nation gets the government it deserves."

Censorship may be abhorrent but it's not Horror. People who think they're free are basically not, so don't assume that to be true. If you want liberty then you'll have to fight to change the statis quo because no nation on earth is free. That means censorship is going to be a day to day occurrence, you're just more acutely aware of it now because of the Internet. Blue or Red pills await!

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Read the title of this posting... "Horrifying" I'd submit censorship is a bit less horrifying than that particular video. I love patronizing retards who seem to think that life should be at you full volume, constantly. Every piece of information, every detail has to be in their hands or the world is somehow cheating them. Knowing about something and having graphic knowledge of it are two different things. Yes I chose to watch it and now after watching it I think that there should have been some responsibility taken to remove it. Next thing you know Youtube will allow rape videos to be submitted or torture videos. Is that what we want as a society? No. Not in a society that I live in. Does it change anything if it's published? Fuck no. Does it make us less human and desensitize us to future events? Yes. Does it make me want to rip the heads off the assholes who did it? More than ever.

Don't confuse free speech and the right to information as the same thing either. Some things are better left to the knowledge that they happened and leave it at that. Now, crawl back under your rock now while the adults talk fuckstick.

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Lame, lame and lame. It's been going on for years and just because your country doesn't ascribe to censorship they're most likely tracking your activities surreptitiously. While it was a lofty goal to have an Internet free from Censors, you're not going to get that to happen in every place all the time. There was once a trial in Canada over a very serious crime there was some testimony that was extremely sensitive involving the crime. The judge in the case issued a gag order including that of all Canadian press organizations not to publish details about it. That didn't of course apply to US journalists covering the trial who published the information in the US. This led to Canadian border agents seizing US newspapers because of the publication of the information. The point here is that some view censorship as beneficial in certain cases while others view it with disdain. For example, this week I saw a video of a beheading. Now after watching it I probably wish that somebody had filtered that for me.

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Why not work with Mozilla to address the issues? What about Chromium? I'd put the brakes on anything Google does with Chrome. Their ever-shifting policies have meant that it's no longer a preferred solution to our clients and to my customers. These aren't minor issues either since Google has been building their own walled garden, something a lot of FOSS and Commercial Software organizations won't support. Firefox at least for now, is void of these issues and is much friendlier to the community as a whole.

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Actually he violated the terms of his bail in the UK. So he can be apprehended at any time. He knew this as he fled into the Embassy. I agree with you though, he's probably tired of staring at the four walls every day and even RT is not giving him the airtime he used to get.

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Same source. More accurate term would be deprecation. 1b, 3a and b seem appropriate.

verb \de-pri-kt\

: to criticize or express disapproval of (someone or something)
Full Definition of DEPRECATE
transitive verb
a archaic : to pray against (as an evil)
b : to seek to avert
: to express disapproval of
a : play down : make little of
b : belittle, disparage
— deprecatingly adverb
— deprecation noun

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It's all about wanting to get out of the local communications office (CO) business. It's a lot more efficient for them to dump those COs and all the maintenance headaches that go along with it including very expensive lead acid batteries and all the associated real estate that goes along with it. There's also maintaining the phone lines inside your house which can be problematic with rodent damage or house settling. With FIOS based services they drop it off at the house and your wiring inside the house isn't their problem, you also supply the power for their point of presence at your place so they're not footing that bill either. At least that's the case in my area.

If these folks have true power outage concerns with bad weather they should invest in a home generator, ala GENERAC.

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yeah we've gotten rid of a bunch of them and frankly the whole label removing campaign just leads to more labels or consolidation of labels. If you don't like a president because of his incompetent policies and because he's black, you're now a racist. See that label is still in play but dumb shit, commie pinko, fat ass those are hurtful. Blah...

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