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Comment I don't think it will mean much (Score 2) 202

Even though they'll take responsibility, in every state in the US you must still have liability coverage. If these companies are to be their own underwriters so to speak then they'd have to jump through hurdles to be approved to operate as an insurance company as well. They could obviously partner with insurance companies as well.

Comment Re:I'm not a lawyer (Score 1) 323

These are companies, companies have lobbyists who make sure that interests are protected. Sure VW will pay fines, a lot of them but all that money will disappear in a great big puff of smoke to buy landing gear for an F-35. It won't go to help preventing this type of thing from happening, pay for more research into clean energy or healthcare. That's the bigger problem with the "fine" concept of government it all dumps into the general fund and at the current burn rate VWs cumulative fines probably won't pay for an hour of running the government.

Comment think.. think they know (Score 1, Insightful) 45

They think they know. They've done some homework, some research and have come up with a couple of hypothesis. They think they've ruled out one but they don't actually know. FTFY

I for one hold out hope for the large drinking rocks theory where the shape was determined by an over-wash of Jack Daniels.

Comment Re:I didn't inhale these emails (Score 1) 348

you can't write anybody in. The elections are controlled by the same two parties and to get on a ballot in a state you have to have enough signatures. Writing somebody in may have worked in the 19th century but certainly not the 21st. We have a two party system because they agreed long ago to just cut out all the other choices wherever possible.

Comment A case for black box testing (Score 1) 166

The reason VW was allowed to sell vehicles wasn't about examining the code that drove the ECU, but a failure to actually test the vehicle in real world conditions independently. That means you don't trust the ECU, you test using separate instrumentation to verify that it operates within parameters under actual road conditions; not in a lab, not on a dyno and use random samples available from dealers after it goes on sale. The EPA shouldn't rely on the ECU OBD information, use information from the tailpipe.

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