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Comment: Why not work with Mozilla (Score 4, Interesting) 80

by Virtucon (#47715211) Attached to: Tor Browser Security Under Scrutiny

Why not work with Mozilla to address the issues? What about Chromium? I'd put the brakes on anything Google does with Chrome. Their ever-shifting policies have meant that it's no longer a preferred solution to our clients and to my customers. These aren't minor issues either since Google has been building their own walled garden, something a lot of FOSS and Commercial Software organizations won't support. Firefox at least for now, is void of these issues and is much friendlier to the community as a whole.

Comment: Re:Desperate to have a wank. (Score 3, Informative) 289

by Virtucon (#47696893) Attached to: WikiLeaks' Assange Hopes To Exit London Embassy "Soon"

Actually he violated the terms of his bail in the UK. So he can be apprehended at any time. He knew this as he fled into the Embassy. I agree with you though, he's probably tired of staring at the four walls every day and even RT is not giving him the airtime he used to get.

Comment: Re:Rot? Copper doesn't rot. It corrodes. (Score 1) 93

by Virtucon (#47682297) Attached to: Groundwork Laid For Superfast Broadband Over Copper

Same source. More accurate term would be deprecation. 1b, 3a and b seem appropriate.

verb \de-pri-kt\

: to criticize or express disapproval of (someone or something)
Full Definition of DEPRECATE
transitive verb
a archaic : to pray against (as an evil)
b : to seek to avert
: to express disapproval of
a : play down : make little of
b : belittle, disparage
— deprecatingly adverb
— deprecation noun

Comment: Rot? Copper doesn't rot. It corrodes. (Score 1) 93

by Virtucon (#47682043) Attached to: Groundwork Laid For Superfast Broadband Over Copper

It's all about wanting to get out of the local communications office (CO) business. It's a lot more efficient for them to dump those COs and all the maintenance headaches that go along with it including very expensive lead acid batteries and all the associated real estate that goes along with it. There's also maintaining the phone lines inside your house which can be problematic with rodent damage or house settling. With FIOS based services they drop it off at the house and your wiring inside the house isn't their problem, you also supply the power for their point of presence at your place so they're not footing that bill either. At least that's the case in my area.

If these folks have true power outage concerns with bad weather they should invest in a home generator, ala GENERAC.

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yeah we've gotten rid of a bunch of them and frankly the whole label removing campaign just leads to more labels or consolidation of labels. If you don't like a president because of his incompetent policies and because he's black, you're now a racist. See that label is still in play but dumb shit, commie pinko, fat ass those are hurtful. Blah...

Comment: If they disagree you're a troll (Score 0, Flamebait) 453

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Intolerant pricks these days have become intolerant of other peoples' opinions. It's funny that the NYT would publish this considering their left leaning stupidity. Yeah if you don't agree with us, you're a troll. Fuck that, I haven't lived all these decades to just to the party line. Don't like it? Too bad.

Comment: Re:On come on now Edward (Score 1) 194

by Virtucon (#47667877) Attached to: Snowden: NSA Working On Autonomous Cyberwarfare Bot

I wasn't changing the subject, just pointing out that you're a bit fanatical on this subject. You sure you don't have a brown shirt or two in the closet? Just following orders is not the same as a person doing a 9 to 5 at a job making a living. I also pointed out that the current administration views the press and whistle blowers as treasonous entities, something which you blew right on by. So instead of canonizing St. Snowden here you should wake up and smell the cat shit. Most of the crap dumped out there as gospel is utter shit, poorly produced and there's no fucking way in hell that given his access, he'd have any knowledge of strategic planning at the NSA. Todays Cyberbot bullshit is just that, bullshit.

It also seems that living in a nation of laws you don't want to abide by them and change them from within. You're labeling people for being evil when all they're doing is their job. That makes you intolerant. Somewhere, somebody got the idea that it would be good to do this; collecting metadata et al. All three branches of government are a fault here and we as the voting public are also culpable for letting it happen. It's time to fix it but you just can't trust everything you read, especially from somebody who's compromised and an attention whore. Despite your non-beliefs to the contrary, Snowden is wanted in this country under the laws that have been established to deal with this kind of crime. If you feel morally outraged, then you have a right to protest, lobby, arm twist whoever you want but that doesn't make people fundamentally trying to protect our nation evil scumbags.

Your perception on lying is interesting to. How do you know any of this material is credible? You're taking on faith from a guy who had an agenda. He violated his oath of secrecy to, and there's penalties for that. I'm not arguing the morality of it, but it's still against the law and until laws are changed or courts throw it out it's still the law. If we all decided to ignore laws we thought were morally wrong we'd have a game like Twisted Metal on the streets. Speed limit? Fuck That it's wrong? Murder? Fuck that it's wrong I'll kill my neighbor if he plays that stereo too loud. Yeah it'd be a much better place to live.

We have a constitution which serves as the basis for our laws in this country. Whether those laws are correct is for the people to decide and unfortunately public opinion on the whole Snowden episode is now swinging towards not credible. See the spin doctors are winning.

Comment: Re:On come on now Edward (Score 1) 194

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An unconstitutional law.

Still a law and until it's repealed or deemed unconstitutional by SCOTUS, it's the law. That point can't be argued. You can choose to ignore the law and then of course there's penalties associated with it. The EFF and ACLU have been working cases through the courts but there's procedures involved. Eventually a case
will get in front of them.

I'm doing as much as someone who isn't a charismatic leader of a giant movement can do: Not much, but everything you can think of.

Good for you, now get off Snowden's nutsack and think for a few moments about what's being released and how credible it is. Ask yourself since he's been out of the "loop" for quite sometime how would he know about these new revelations? No idea? How about the people who are nurturing him in Russia? He's a talking head now for the Russian government and is no different than that idiot Max Keiser on Russia Today, probably with much less crack though.

I'd say everything after the
initial dump is pretty much compromised just to draw attention to it. An opinion? Yes but the quality of the work makes me more nervous if it were true because a lot of it looks amateurish and for what the taxpayers have been footing the bill for this, I want my money back.

Yes, disgusting. Evil scumbags. If they think that violating the highest law of the land and people's fundamental rights are the right things to do, then that makes them even worse. Anyone still working for the NSA is utterly devoid of morals. This isn't up for debate.

You know a lot of people working in the intelligence community aren't evil scumbags. Sorry to burst your bubble there but they're not. They're people who have a job to do and have been given instructions to do that job. Unfortunately their leaders are evil scumbags and that's where your venting should be focused.

History doesn't do anything. It's just a concept used to describe things that happened in the past. It's not as if history is some sort of living entity.

Even if people lie, that doesn't change reality. I'm speaking of these on a purely technical basis.

History is written by people who have publishers and usually sponsors, all of which have an agenda. If you go to school and study history you'll find many errors and omissions that are in direct contradiction to other sources. To put that in perspective If you're a latter day twit who believes in Wikipedia, just think of how many thousands of edits are done daily by people with agendas. The MH17 crash, the Russians were found to be editing the information on the page. Congressional staff editing pages to color information their way. So does history do anything? Yes it does because it legitimizes the actions of people and puts emphasis on events that they want you to remember. I'm sure if the Nazis had won World War II or come to a stalemate with the Allies they'd have written off the death camps as something benign and where unfortunate occurrences of malnutrition and dysentery broke out causing the deaths of millions because of all the people they were trying to re-educate. Oh and the Nazis had laws that allowed them to do it too. Feel better now?

Spin doctors exist everywhere and right now Snowden is a puppet boy in the hands of the Russians. Whether it's by design or accident he's been compromised and he's still wanted for espionage in this country.

Comment: Re:On come on now Edward (Score 1) 194

by Virtucon (#47667075) Attached to: Snowden: NSA Working On Autonomous Cyberwarfare Bot

No, it isn't; it's 100% unconstitutional.

Until SCOTUS rules on what is, or isn't constitutional then it's still the law. That doesn't change anything.

Even if he did, all that would mean is that the laws are wrong.

So do something about it! It wouldn't the first time in history that laws have been passed that are unjust but that's life. Of course we could live in
a dictatorship and then we'd have less to worry about our liberties while big brother takes care of us.

Maybe reporters are eager to see what he has to say, given his position? Maybe he feels he can convince some people to come to his side in the face of an ever more corrupt government. Our media sure as hell isn't doing their job.

You seem to be assuming that anyone who has a message for others is an attention whore. Stop acting like a religious fundamentalist by telling others what they think. You're not Snowden, so you don't know his motivations, and neither do I. And frankly, it's fucking irrelevant. What matters are the NSA's disgusting activites. That sure doesn't stop people from trying to shift the topic away from the NSA's treasonous behavior to useless speculation about how Snowden is a traitor or a puppet.

Disgusting? strong term there and there's a lot of folks who probably work for the NSA thinking that they're doing the right thing. It's all what side of the argument you're on. Snowden did violate the espionage act by releasing the information. Now what's in that information is what we all have to deal with. No hype, no drama just take care of it by forcing DC to get the fuck out of our lives. That should be the focus not some attention whore in Russia.

False dichotomy. It is not an either/or. You can be a patriot *and* a spy. Well, if you think that someone is a "spy" for leaking documents showing that the government violated the highest law of the land, people's individual liberties, and basis morality. If you think that qualifies as a spy, then I'm 100% okay with that kind of spy.

Furthermore, history doesn't dictate facts. I mean, you can try to hide facts, but that isn't the same as changing them. History can't dictate that 1 + 1 = 3.

History doesn't dictate facts? Right now: spy in 20 years: patriot perhaps? It's an either or situation, guaranteed. Who the fuck do you think writes the history books, the victors. History is replete with outrageous acts of cruelty and unjust acts and countries with laws that were unjust. It doesn't change the fact that they were done and it doesn't change the fact that the guy violated the espionage laws of this country. There are whistle blower protection laws but the current administration seems to think that that's spying and treasonous as well, so again, the elected officials are creating this shit and history will be written by future generations and hopefully they'll look back and respect how we unfuck ourselves from this mess. If the whistle blower law had stronger protections then this kind of information could have been handled in a different way. Right now unfortunately for old puppet boy he's a spy, he's been painted as one and his acts are that of somebody committing espionage. There are lawyers in this country who'd represent him and make the arguments in court on his behalf and it would be up to a judge/jury to decide his guilt. Oh and if you think this idiot in the white house is fair when it comes to leaked information, let's not forget our old TV Chelsey Manning who's now got a lovely retirement villa in Leavenworth KS.

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