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Comment Nothing New Here... (Score 2) 318

Move along, nothing to see here. Microsoft has been trying to get their hooks into everybody just like Google and Facebook. If people don't care about their privacy and allow this kind of data collection in the name of "quality" and "focusing search results and ads.." "blah blah" we'll all become human centipads.

Comment Which is why I don't like BYOD (Score 3, Insightful) 170

These kinds of systems are great for bean counters but lousy for workers. We're not digging ditches or plowing fields. Breathing room is expected with white collar positions and beware of companies with intrusive systems in a Bring Your Own Device bargain. Bring your own device gives them flexibility but also the same kinds of tracking that can be used on a desktop. So now your private tablet or smart phone can be used by your employer to track you as well, fuck that. Bring your tablet,bring your own 4G network connection and do your browsing on that device. Don't let your company put it's crap on your private device under any circumstance. You can access e-mail through web portals, they can send text messages and that's all they need to do and all you should be able to need.

Comment Re:Oracle has abused their customers (Score 1) 190

Pretty much... Still Oracle does do some things very well. Their product is not bad... its just over priced.

Larry says:

So? Didn't I tell you that I'm Larry Ellison and I can charge whatever I want to charge? I need to fill up my tanker so I can sail my yachts around the ocean you insensitive clod. Now, give me your money!

Comment Re:Oracle has abused their customers (Score 1) 190

Buy an island... just don't charge uncompetitive rates for your goods and services.

You can get stinking rich without fucking over your customer. I can cite a lot of very very very rich people that are feared by their COMPETITORS not their customers.

Larry Says:

We're Oracle Corporation and I'm Larry Ellison and I'll charge whatever I want to charge. I've made a ton of cash in my lifetime, I've pissed off airports because I want to fly my jumbo jet in at all hours of the night and yet everybody goes "whaaaahhh" when I overcharge them. Nobody is twisting your arm, besides my island I've had to buy a big yacht and oh they tanker to refuel that yacht in mid-ocean but still I think you should pay as much as I charge. After all it's not like you can go and replace Oracle with DB2,

What would all my pseudo-minions do without their Oracle certifications, they rest on those as their credentials to get jobs not to mention all the pseudo-experts who produce tons of printed garbage you can get on Amazon all about secret tweaks and things you can do to improve Oracle. Pseudo-minions keep pushing on IT organizations to keep buying my shit and pseudo-experts keep writing about crap that doesn't amount to shit but it still drives people back to licensing Oracle. It's a win win situation because it always makes me money and that's the name of the game. Hell I even have a designer line of hardware to go with my overblown database and even though I charge more than comparable hardware it has my logo on it and therefore it's obviously better than anything you can get from HP or Dell, I win again!

Comment Re:Better than 8, but... (Score 1) 249

4.2.3 is fixing most of that for me at least. Although I have 4 systems remaining to be upgraded, all with "Something Happened" upgrade issues. I wish Microsoft had spent more time on quality rather than worrying about line widths and decorations for a fucking start menu that's already been solved.

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