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Comment: Haven't we covered this already? (Score 1) 443

by Virtucon (#48457091) Attached to: Researchers Say the Tech Worker Shortage Doesn't Really Exist

It's been proven, time and time again that the H1B program and the so called "Tech Worker Gap" is a untrue and yet here is another "Research work." The H1B program is there so employers can not be affected by market forces. Couple that with non-competes, "right shoring" and non-poaching agreements that are killing the tech labor force in this country.

Comment: How's this going to work (Score 3, Insightful) 161

by Virtucon (#48438017) Attached to: Mozilla's 2013 Report: Revenue Up 1% To $314M; 90% From Google

With 90% of their revenue coming from Google yet they just signed a 5 year deal with Yahoo how is this going to work out? Diversity in revenue streams is good and also getting off the Google teat is really good but I can't help but think that they just cut their own throat.

+ - IBM divorces itself from chip manufacturing business ->

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Virtucon (127420) writes "IBM has reached a deal with Global Foundries to divorce itself from chip manufacturing. The deal looks to have IBM pay GF $1.5 billion USD to take over the ailing division. Meanwhile they've abandoned their long stated 2015 earnings goal which means they expect to have a shitty year. They've divested themselves of multiple business lines and people for over 5 years in an attempt to reach their 2015 goal."
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Comment: Re:Folks this is what happens with bad leadership (Score 2) 148

by Virtucon (#48175557) Attached to: Cisco Exec: Turnover In Engineering No Problem

They've been floundering for years. They've gone through reorg after reorg. Their margins were eroded by other companies who came up with more competitive products. Their certifications are practically useless in all but the most die-hard Cisco shop and those are starting to go away as well.

Comment: Folks this is what happens with bad leadership (Score 4, Interesting) 148

by Virtucon (#48175325) Attached to: Cisco Exec: Turnover In Engineering No Problem

Cisco was an innovative company that created huge market value. Now they're becoming "lean, agile" company with no real vision or future. They want to be "market focused" yet they're supposed to push the market to their view of technology and to create markets. When you lead from behind you certainly take on less risk but you sure don't create the profit margins and patent portfolio investors look for. Sell your shares now.

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