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Comment: Re:Case on Shaky Ground (Score 2) 194

by Virtucon (#48023717) Attached to: CEO of Spyware Maker Arrested For Enabling Stalkers

Uh Law enforcement wouldn't use this, they have their own tools. Parents monitoring their kids? Plausible but it's also probably used by suspicious spouses to catch their partner in the act. It's an inevitable fact that since smart phones have become so ubiquitous now that this tool didn't show up on the radar sooner. What seems hypocritical to me in the case is that this guy sells a product that covers quite a bit of what Apple and Google do to a large extent already; track you. Of course their purposes are for "system quality" and "targeted ads" but there's still a substantial amount of metadata collected and cataloged. This guy just goes one step further and enables some features that obviously the government doesn't want you to have so they can monopolize the nefarious practices.

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