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Comment Can we send a dollar to DHS (Score 1) 81 81

So they can buy a fucking clue? No, there will be no "escrow" the administration you represent has continued a policy of spying on our communications. Therefore any suggestions, changes, or stupid fucking ideas that would compromise my data's security is off the table. Now as the former VP would say, go fuck yourself!

Comment HealthInsurance Company Fail (Score 3, Interesting) 18 18

In other news, Anthem is going to acquire Cigna. Now all those Cigna customers can get the same high-quality data protection and HIPPA compliance that all Anthem customers enjoy. Of course Anthem will only pay a paltry fine for not protecting customer information and will in return provide one year of "credit monitoring" to those affected by their stupidity.

Comment From the TFA (Score 1) 91 91

Trend Micro reported to flaw in May, it said, but Google assigned it a low priority.

So, publishing it will presumably make them move the priority up? AFAIK, if the attacker could register the properly crafted MKV to play on start, you'd be in a bricked phone situation, factory reset, fixed done.

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