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If you the kind of programmer that wants to know every single detail of the ExtJS library up front, Jay's ExtJS in Action book will work very well for you. If you want to get up to speed fast and fill in the details yourself, then my Learning ExtJS book is more suited. Depends what your learning style is. I cant say anything about the other books on ExtJS, as I haven't read them.

Learning Ext JS 133

Posted by samzenpus
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stoolpigeon writes "Rich Internet Applications (RIA) have often been associated with some type of sandbox or virtual machine environment to make desktop features available via the web. Many applications though, have left behind the restrictions and demands of those technologies, implementing RIAs as pure web interfaces. One key technology in this area is JavaScript. It's been well documented that working with JavaScript can be problematic across various browsers. In response a number of JavaScript libraries have been created to alleviate the issues in dealing with different browsers, allowing developers to focus on application logic rather than platform concerns. One such library, focused on providing tools for building RIAs is Ext JS. For the aspiring developer looking to use Ext JS, Packt provides a guide to the library in the form of Learning Ext JS." Read on for the rest of JR's review.

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