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Comment Re:A fatal flaw (Score 1) 95

Couple of questions. Was it an extremist position for the US to attack Islamic militants in Afghanistan after 9/11? Is it an extremist position to capture and kill Islamic militants in Afghanistan today?

Comment Re:A fatal flaw (Score 1) 95

I agree it is unfortunate that innocent people are getting hurt by drone strikes. Unfortunately weak nations stood by for years to watch this extremist culture fester. Maybe the US and others should stop the drone strikes, military action, and let the host countries deal with their own problems.

Comment Haul both to court (Score 1) 457

Oracle's lack of quality control has brought untold numbers of zero days which has eroded confidence and trust in the 'compile once run everywhere promise.' Likewise Google has fractured the mobile handset and tablet eco-system with too many variants of a 'standard' framework . Both companies should be taken to court by a class action lawsuit and sued for a gazillion dollars.

Comment Re:A fatal flaw (Score 1) 95

I do not believe the military or government sees Pakistanis, Afghans, and Iraqis as less than human. Unfortunately many in the Islamic culture support honor killings, repressive treatment of girls and women, raping of young girls, and blind hatred of people of other religions.

Comment Re:A fatal flaw (Score 1) 95

Yeah. Funny thing about those terrorists. It is 'inconvenient' that they enjoy killing innocent people all over the world due to their warped word views. It is 'inconvenient' they are killing innocent children and taking young under 10 years old as wives.

Comment Re:A fatal flaw (Score 1) 95

The constitution is a beautiful thing. It provides protections against unreasonable searches and seizures. It also provides the government a mechanism to obtain information using warrants approved by courts. It seems the recent debateis over what is unreasonable and when warrants are required.

Comment Re:A fatal flaw (Score 1) 95

I have a friend that made a decision that there are certain jobs he will never take. Those jobs included those which go against his moral beliefs. People who do not believe it is moral to spy on people in other countries should not take a job at the NSA. If the guy came to learn things that he was not comfortable with then he should have stopped being a cog in the machine and resigned.

Comment Re: A fatal flaw (Score 2) 95

Let's talk about the limits for a second. Folks are upset by activities that were 1) authorized by Congress, 2) had oversight by the executive branch of the US government (White House, Department of Justice, and ODNI), and 3) were reviewed by the courts. If you don't like what is going on then stop wasting your time posting on ./ then get involved and write to your congressmen to change things.

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