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Comment Re:Tracking users' favorite shows? (Score 2) 34 34

Yeah, there are other reasons it's not really the issue though.

I'm going to come out and admit that I like the Wii U, I have all last gen and current gen consoles, and it's one of my favourites. It's not got the power of my PS4 or my X1, and sure it's been screwed on 3rd party game support leaving it few titles.

But it does have some quality titles, at the end of the day Nintendo has still put out more high quality 1st party titles that deserve game ratings in the 90%+ range than Nintendo and Sony have managed to acquire even with heavier 3rd party support.

Though it doesn't really matter, because Nintendo games are DIFFERENT. I don't play Wii U because I want to gun some bitches down, I don't play Wii U because I want to rip someone's heart out, I don't play Wii U because I want to pretend I'm a wizard battling vile demons in dark dungeons full of dismembered corpses. I play Wii U because sometimes pratting about bouncing around the screen or doing puzzles with colours flying at me left and right is actually also fun, and the Wii U does that like no other. So I'm not saying I think the Wii U is the greatest thing ever, it's not. What I am saying is that it's a fantastic complimentary console to the X1, the PS4, or a PC - it has it's place alongside the big hitters in providing a type of fun that the others just do not offer.

But despite my love for the Wii U in spite of it's failings, I didn't even know this TVii service existed. I've never heard of it or seen it, or if I have then it was so irrelevant that I've forgotten about it.

I'd say that if this failed, it failed because most people didn't even notice it. Certainly I never did and I suspect I've put as much time into my Wii U as your average owner, if not more. Tracking would be the least of my concerns if I never even really noticed it was there, or what it did to even use it so it could track me in the first place.

I'd say this is a failing based more on the fact it's a service few people even realise exists, on a console which hasn't sold well. Combine those together and you'll end up with a userbase so small that it's just not worth the cost of supporting. I'm not surprised therefore that the first I hear of this is that it's shutting down, and as a Wii U user, I don't really care either.

Comment Re:this is outrageous. (Score 1) 310 310

No shortages of goods yet, other than ammo, but most of the others are here. And five year plans wouldn't make sense here anyway because we have no one to catch up to.

The state is deeply embedded into all economic activity already. Pick a type of business at random and go see what permissions you need to seem before you can start, and what rules you must follow while operating.

Nearly all education is collectivized, as is nearly all medicine now. Your insurance may not be under Obamacare yet, but every doctor and clinic you go to has warped their practice and administration to comply with Obamacare and Medicare mandates.

The NSA knows everwhere you go and everyone you talk to. If they notice you, they can expand that to knowing what you talk about, secretly. They have dirt on everyone worth the effort. Parallel construction is an abomination against justice. Your local police are equipped and trained like soldiers.

People are routinely pushed out of work, even out of companies they founded, and out of polite society for saying things opposed to the party line. Someone out there tries to maintain a list, but it is hard to keep up now. Brendan Eich, Tim Hunt, James Watson, Donald Sterling. Martin O'Malley was just forced to supplicate himself publicly for failing to stick to the party script. Reporters are climbing over one another for a chance to demonize Trump for daring to utter hatefacts in public.

Just because we haven't yet reached the stage where we plunge ourselves into another dark age by slaughtering millions of productive and otherwise undesirables people (google: Kulak) doesn't mean that we aren't far down the road that leads there. Check the manifesto and see how many of the 10 planks are in place and which are in progress now.

Comment Re:"Automatic" Weapon? (Score 1) 310 310

Sorry, no.

Almost every AR-15 is "readily convertible" in the normal meaning of that term. Legally, "readily convertible" means the auto sear axis has already been drilled.

(I'm ignoring other conversion devices, like the lightning link and the DIAS, which are generally considered to be machine guns themselves, even in the absence of a host rifle.)

You literally drill one hole in your AR lower and it becomes a NFA gun, and you are guilty of a federal felony. You don't need to mill anything, you don't need to possess an auto-sear, you don't even need to possess any other parts, not even critical parts like the upper receiver, barrel, or hammer.

In the past, some manufacturers, out of an excess of caution, sold lowers with trigger group pockets lacking room for the auto-sear, bolt carriers neutered so they wouldn't be able to trip the sear, hammers without the second hook, selectors milled without the slot that allows the sear to catch, etc.

All of that is gone now. You buy an AR-15, and half the parts are probably surplus / production overruns that are exactly identical to the parts that go into a M4. Or you build your own and the lower parts kit might just be a surplus military M4 kit and include all the parts needed for full auto.

Because it is clear now that the hole, and only the hole, is the difference between a legal civilian AR-15 and a felony.

Comment Re:Existing Law (Score 1) 310 310

I'm not sure that there was any software involved here. I don't know if he's published any of the details, and if he has, I haven't read any of it. Without knowing anything else, my guess is that it was attached to a spare servo channel on his RC rig. That's how I would do it if I could afford another expensive hobby.

Hopefully his circuit requires positive reset and fire signals, meaning that it would only reset after going full-low and only fire after going full-high, so that a neutral signal (loss of radio reception) wouldn't cause either action.


How Drug Companies Seek To Exploit Rare DNA Mutations 92 92

An anonymous reader writes: With so many people in the world, humanity can't help but generate a large amount of genetic outliers. Most random mutations are undetectable, and many of the rest lead to serious diseases. But there's another class of mutation that has drug companies salivating. For example: a few dozen people worldwide have a condition that prevents them from feeling any pain. Another condition called sclerosteosis affects less than 100 people, giving them incredibly dense bone structure. Both of these conditions have serious downsides, but drug companies are beginning to see the dollar signs behind isolating these mutations and making them safe.

"People with sclerosteosis lack a protein that acts as a brake on bone growth. Without that protein, bones grow abnormally thick. It stood to reason, researchers thought, that a drug that could block the protein in patients with osteoporosis would encourage bone regrowth. Amgen's scientists created hundreds of antibodies that they tested to determine which might be able to get in the way of the protein. It took them three and a half years of research before they were able to identify the best antibody to inhibit the protein. Then NASA came calling." It's an unfortunate situation for those with the rare conditions; there's a lot more potential profit in finding a way to genetically prevent pain for billions of people than it is to cure the handful with the condition.

"We don't care. We don't have to. We're the Phone Company."