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Comment Re:Wireless or not, still need a fat pipe... (Score 1) 173

If they're relying on 802.11 for applications which would put a patients life at risk, they're doing it wrong.

Please at least try to be consistent - either it's life critical or it isn't. You're trying to win an argument by arguing both side of the coin.

Comment Re:Wireless or not, still need a fat pipe... (Score 1) 173

"Medical devices on a wireless network requires a higher level of reliability and uptime"

If a hospital is putting medical devices which require life critical reliability and uptime on 802.11 wireless, or any other unlicensed band where the legal requirement is that

(1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

, they're doing it wrong, and it's not a hospital I'd want to be a patient in.

Comment Re:Christie is ideal (Score 1) 570

Sorry to break it to you, but "fox news" is not some magic word that dismisses all the crimes committed by the people you worship.

Hillary Clinton has violated the espionage act, and other statutes relating to securing public records. She has knowingly attempted to destroy evidence. She has lobbied for foreign interests in exchange for millions of dollars paid into her family slush fund. She may or may not do time for it, depending on whether the Obama regime thinks they can get away with ignoring it.

She is a crook, and that simple fact would remain, even if Fox News had never existed.


Comment Re:Stats (Score 1) 287

Yeah, the problem is that as always with capturing such metrics, they only tell half the story.

If someone can no longer see movies listed that are big hits, then it destroys the perception of value people have in the service, even if they never watch those movies.

So sure such movies might not get as much click through as their value implies, but if they're gone then the service appears less premium and no longer worth the cost.

Comment Re:You're opening the door to your competitors... (Score 1) 287

"They either need to pay more or drop the content, so dropping the content they are."

Actually that's the whole reason I take take issue with this. They're dropping content AND hiking the subscription fee.

They just increased the UK subscription rate only two months ago by 7%, and now they're slashing content.

So now, I can pay £89.88 for a year of Netflix, with all this content removed, or I can pay £79 for Amazon Prime where I get just as good content, free next day delivery 7 days a week, access to prime music which gives me access to millions of songs for free, and some cloud storage to boot.

I think your thoughts are quite accurate for the most part, but when Netflix is hiking their price to already be less competitive against their already more competitive competition I don't think it's an excuse that holds merit anymore. I think it's simple profit gouging, but the sort of profit gouging that's likely to hurt them in the long run.

As many companies do as they get bigger and seek to maintain the sort of persistent rapid growth they saw when smaller and younger, they get so desperate to grow their margins that they end up self-harming in the process because they put too much emphasis on growing profits by cutting costs, not realising that those costs are actually one of the pillars maintaining the existing profit in the first place.

I think this is a key example of that, I don't see Netflix maintaining their UK userbase at least by hiking the price of the most popular package whilst removing some of the most popular films. Justifying to their userbase a 7% hike whilst inflation is running at a mere 0% - 0.1% in the UK is difficult enough in itself, but doing so whilst also drastically reducing the amount of content they offer? Good luck with that - "pay more for less" isn't going to make anyone happy.

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