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Comment: atari mail (Score 2, Interesting) 170

by Victor Antolini (#24698939) Attached to: A History of Atari — the Golden Years
Here's 10 Years of Atari/Atari Games VaxMail, this is history!!!!

Description from the site:
Jed Margolis got his hands on something precious: a decade of internal mail from the now-defunct Atari Games corporation, makers of some of the more beloved arcade games in history and one of the more amazing stories in computer history. Buried among these large collections of e-mails from the Atari Corp. VAX are discussions of programming, trivia, jokes, and some real insights into the day-to-day concerns of this company.

+ - Adobe open sources Flex data services ->

Submitted by PhilDin
PhilDin writes: Adobe have just announced the availability of a beta version of their data services infrastructure called BlazeDS. Flex is a flash based application development framework which uses an XML based declarative language (MXML) to define a GUI and ActionScript to handle events (somewhat like XUL + Javascript). Client side support for SOAP based web services to date has been patchy and the Adobe recommended solution has been to use the rather pricey Flex Data Services. This consists of a Java EE application which allows a Flex client to instantiate remote objects via the AMF3 (PDF) protocol. Adobe are now providing most of this functionality in BlazeDS, an open source offering based on their existing code.
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+ - It's got electrolytes!->

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conner_bw writes: "This week's film blogs have been left aghast as Mike Judge's grotesque fictional energy drink Brawndo from the movie Idiocracy became a reality. To recap: Fox wouldn't support a film about Brawndo, the energy drink that destroys plants, debases the human race, and makes those who drink it 'win at yelling' but they are now putting wholehearted support behind the actual drink?"
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