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Comment Re:Amusing - But Contamination is Contamination (Score 1) 173

The fact that an inert placebo product is being contaminated by some random active pharmaceutical is funny, true, but contamination is contamination. A consumer product is contaminated with something it is not supposed to have; and low levels of antibiotic are actively harmful, not helpful. Since a safe product is rendered measurably unsafe, it is good that this was caught. Drug manufacturers regularly demonstrate that without monitoring and regulation bad products will enter the marketplace.

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Comment Neuronal upgrade booths. (Score 1) 35

Once the technology develops, I can imagine high profile tutors/academies using these technologies in concert with tdcs. Use a virtual reality system to run tests on certain areas of brain function, read the resulting activity, modify the action potential of the section of the brain that is 'lacking', implement accelerated learning sequences using the virtual reality system.

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