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Comment: Re:FUnny (Score 1) 202

by VeryVito (#47166057) Attached to: Netflix Ditches Silverlight For HTML5 On Macs

You might want to take another look at the internet... Specifically, Pixlr (GIMP), AnyTerm/GateOne (SSH), (3D modeling), etc. These are just the top results from a Google search, and I know there are others. As for ripping Blu-Ray discs... You've got me there; I also couldn't find a way to format your floppy disks and Zip drives.

Comment: Two words: Heavy Rain (Score 1) 134

by VeryVito (#46246955) Attached to: Game Developers' Quest To Cross the Uncanny Valley

Henceforth, my default answer to this will always be "Go play Heavy Rain." I'm not a gamer, but Quantic Dream's interactive fiction is much closer to cinema than game, and yet the player is very much in control of what transpires throughout the process. The game/movie is mesmerizing and gut-wrenching (despite the infamous "SEAN! SEAN! SEAN!" glitch, which plays more like a blooper real for The Shining), but it's certainly not what most would consider "fun" or "gamelike."

It's enjoyable in a way all great art is, though -- and it also treads heavily on and across the uncanny valley.

Comment: Rather than use taxes to pay for industry training (Score 2) 321

by VeryVito (#46142021) Attached to: James Dyson: We Should Pay Students To Study Engineering about we start asking employers to train their own damned employees for a while? Maybe even invest a little money into acquiring the skills they require? This seemed to work in the past, back before companies decided it was now the governments job to provide fodder for their factories.

Comment: No need to innovate (Score 3, Insightful) 403

by VeryVito (#43662543) Attached to: Adobe's Creative Cloud Illustrates How the Cloud Costs You More

With a guaranteed income from locked-in design professionals, Adobe can finally stop worrying about innovating with each new release. They can continue to sell the same version for years to come, month by month, with no expectation of adding new features, capabilities, etc.

Sadly, Adobe also owns a boatload of patents when it comes to computer-based graphic design, so the threat of serious competition from new upstarts is almost nil, too.

Don't speak ill of your new owners.

Comment: Is there a problem here? (Score 1) 418

Not sure why should be considered a problem. StackOverflow offers reviewed, edited documentation from people who actually use/enjoy to technologies they're describing.

By providing documentation filtered through the real world, you get useful information that describes how features DO work, and not how they WOULD work if they were implemented the way some unknown documentation writer described them.

To me, the SO solution is MUCH better than written documentation, and I've quickly picked up a working knowledge of entire new platforms, languages, etc. just by getting the answers to questions I needed, rather then sifting through tomes of irrelevant information and "Hello World" examples. SO is good documentation; perhaps companies should have their doc writers participate in discussions there, rather than formatting new whitepapers and PDFs.

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