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Comment: Re:I only drink coffee (Score 1) 211

by VeryBest52 (#43489551) Attached to: Oracle Fixes 42 Security Vulnerabilities In Java
Yep, +1 there, what's annoying is having to work with an old pix firewall from a modern day machine running an up-to-date version of java. Java Web Start and Java Applets are the bane of my existence and I hope they burn in hell real soon. Then we talk about updates...Has anyone ever tried to update java without admin access on a Windows box? As often as they are rolling out updates we find ourselves spending 1/3rd of our weeks just keeping java up to date on everyone's machines.

Comment: Re:uh, this is common sense (Score 1) 179

by VeryBest52 (#43475401) Attached to: Why It's So Hard To Make a Phone Call In Emergency Situations
I'm sure it is common sense, but it's also worth noting that there isn't a wireless shortage or anything. It's carriers not planning for abnormal usage volume. I've seen cell service (Verizon LTE data for instance) work just fine at large events with almost 100,000 people when the cellco plans properly.

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