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Comment Re:Here's how I found out.... (Score 2) 72 72

Indeed, I've received notification from the FBI at $dayjob based on information they scraped from Shodan.
Specifically, it looked like they were looking for "siemens" anywhere in the results, and then sending out notifications, most likely intended for SCADA/Industrial Automation kind of gear. We just happen to have a handful of Siemens CPEs... because apparently they make DSL modems too?

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unomatch writes: Katy Perry is best known as a pop singer with her music sprinkled liberally throughout the film soundtracks released starting in the year 2008. Born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson in Santa Barbara, California, Perry decided to change her last name to avoid any confusion with the actress Kate Hudson. Rejected several times for independent recording contracts before landing a deal with her debut "One of the Boys" album, Perry has been a collaborator on songwriting for other performers such as Kelly Clarkson. She is set to have a brief cameo in the movie Get Him to the Greek as well as being attached to the 2011 proposed film, Timeless.
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Comment Re:take that trailblazers fans (Score 1) 1130 1130

Answer: extemporaneous utterance from Bill Schonley (aka the voice of the blazers) in their inaugural season which has stuck ever since. Doesn't really mean anything.

Comment I was the main research assistant for this study (Score 2) 294 294

I realize this isn't reddit, but, AMA.
I wasn't involved much in the study design in terms of the sampling methods themselves, but I did the site selection for the portion of our study that ended up published. It's been a few years but I still know it like the back of my hand.
I did all of the sampling itself and a large portion of processing the samples including the GC-MS portion. I was not involved much in the analysis except as a sounding board.

To address some of the concerns brought up thus far:
1) There are no known natural sources of caffeine in Oregon. There exists some coral in the indian ocean that secretes caffeine but nothing here locally, off-shore or terrestrial. Caffeine is not the best example, but, the idea is that it is a marker of human impact. We focused on waste water here because it's the most likely source.

2) Yes, you can accurately measure levels of ng/L. Yes, it's a pain. We actually did about a year of sampling, modifying our procedures, and tests before we were able to confidently prevent and rule out source of contamination. This even included not consuming caffeine in proximity to samples or before doing work with them.

3) I've not yet read the final paper (no uni access any more) but the other portion of the study we did was dosing pacific mussels with caffeine in a controlled environment. We looked at stress proteins, which are formed in response to environmental stressors, most notably heat. We did not observe an effect at the levels we measured in nature.

4) Excretion rate from humans is about 5%. Depending on the wastewater treatment regimen, primarily based on tertiary treatment like carbon filtering (very rare) and residence time, anywhere from 0% to 100% of caffeine can be removed. Further study here is necessary.

5) The half-life of caffeine in the environment is primarily heat related. Based on other studies we referenced, it's much longer in seawater. Off the top of my head the magnitude was on the order of 200 days in seawater vs 60-90 in fresh water. You should read the paper/references for exact numbers. This is far longer than the transit time from excretion to the ocean for most wastewater treatment. It does not bio-accumulate.


Why Corporate Cloud Storage Doesn't Add Up 141 141

snydeq writes "Deep End's Paul Venezia sees few business IT situations that could make good use of full cloud storage services, outside of startups. 'As IT continues in a zigzag path of figuring out what to do with this "cloud" stuff, it seems that some companies are getting ahead of themselves. In particular, the concept of outsourcing storage to a cloud provider puzzles me. I can see some benefits in other cloud services (though I still find the trust aspect difficult to reconcile), but full-on cloud storage offerings don't make sense outside of some rare circumstances.'"

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