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+ - German NSA critic denied entry to the US

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Major newspapers in Germany (FAZ, Die Welt, SZ, ...) and the Huffington Post report that the author Ilja Trojanow has been denied to board a plane from Salvador da Bahia to the US where he was invited to attend a conference. He had ESTA documents showing that his visit was approved as part of the Visa Waiver Program and was last year given a visa to teach at the university of Saint Louis. Trojanow was one of the initiators of an open letter urging Chancellor Merkel to take actions against NSA surveillance in Germany."

+ - Art Seizures

Submitted by qeorqe
qeorqe (853039) writes "Three visitors to the multimedia art installation "Zee" by Kurt Hentschlager may have suffered seizures. It was closed indefinitely after three incidents in its first three days. The exhibit consisted of a fog filled room where one's visual field is filled with changing and pulsing colored light patterns.

This is part of Pittsburgh's International Festival of Firsts. The festival also includes a four story high yellow rubber ducky in Pittsburgh's rivers."

+ - Japanese start-up plans hydrogen fuel cell for 2014->

Submitted by angry tapir
angry tapir (1463043) writes "A Japanese start-up says it has finessed a technology that could finally make consumer-grade fuel cells a reality. If successful, the company, Aquafairy, would create a business where many much larger companies have failed. Prototypes of the company's hydrogen fuel cell technology are on show this week at the Ceatec exhibition in Japan where the company's president, Mike Aizawa, said he hopes the first products will be on sale next year."
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+ - SPAM: Is America a failed State?

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "By Mick Krever, CNN
NASA’s unmanned Voyager 2 spacecraft may have put it best when it “tweeted” from beyond the solar system: “Farewell, humans. Sort it out yourselves.”

Most employees at NASA are now among the million U.S. government employees on forced leave because congress has failed to pass a spending bill, forcing a shutdown."

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Comment: Not enough camera's in the hands of citizens (Score 1) 620

by Vernes (#42543935) Attached to: Man Charged With HIPAA Violations For Video Taping Police
Replay this scene, but every citizen has google glass posting shit to facebook, google+, twitter and shit at the push of one button.
Not just this guy, but everyone nearby, the passing pizza deliverer, a taxidriver waiting for a trafficlight, the jogger, the medics, the victim.
The police will have an heartattack when those glasses get mainstream.

+ - Self-healing, self-heating flash memory survives more than 100 million cycles->

Submitted by
MrSeb writes "Macronix, one of the world’s largest producers of flash memory, has produced a new kind of flash memory that can survive more than 100 million program/erase (PE) cycles — most likely long enough to persist until the end of human civilization. By comparison, the NAND cells found in conventional flash memory — as in commercial SSDs — generally have a lifespan of just a few thousand PE cycles. For such a huge advance you would expect an equally vast technological leap — but in this instance, that’s certainly not the case. Macronix just adds a bit of heat — literally, each of Macronix’s new memory cells contains a heating element that can deliver a jolt of 800C (1472F) heat to the cell, healing it and preventing wear-out. Furthermore, 100 million PE cycles is a low-ball estimate: In reality, Macronix’s new flash might survive billions of cycles — but it would take so long to test that the company doesn’t yet know."
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