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Comment Re:Attn: traditional TV networks (Score 1) 302

You want to know what's wrong with TV providers? Last I checked on my in-law's Dish or DirecTV (or whichever satellite provider they have), there were hundreds and hundreds of channels (possibly close to 1000). And many of the channels with premium content on them (sports, pay per view movies), are a large additional cost on top of an already absurd monthly fee (and then the companies get ad revenue as well). TV today is bloated. Your average viewer probably spends about 98% of the screen time watching 1% of the channels available. That's be like always buying a large Big Mac meal for lunch every day, and only eating a few fries. Meanwhile, on Netflix, you pay $7.99/month for on-demand content without ads. Sure, you don't get new releases in movies or shows, but the content on Netlix is still better than the majority of the random crap you get on TV that absolutely no one watches. And when you are paying 5%-10% of the cost of TV subscription, that is a definite win and a no-brainer. With TV, everyone has their hands in your wallet, and it shows.

Comment Re:Excellent (Score 2) 388

They will most likely demonstrate that while a minimal (or even non-existent) government might work when your society is tiny, as it grows, that idea becomes less and less feasible. It's the same reason that by the time I hit the renaissance era in Civ IV, I set all my workers to automate. It's too much work (for me at least) to otherwise be continuing to manually manage everything as my empire grows. People forget that one of the functions of a government is to protect the rights of its citizens, otherwise society will end up being the strong dominating the weak.

Comment Oh goodie, a politician has made a promise! (Score 2) 152

Now taking bets for what will be our "answer" in January: A: The Obama administration gives a vague answer that answers nothing. B: The Obama administration kicks the can down the road 6 months, saying they have not reached a conclusion yet. C: The Obama administration will do nothing, pretending this promise was never made.

Comment Re:Democrats are authoritarians (Score 4, Insightful) 556

The thing with the Democrat party is that they feel they can solve (or at least greatly improve) all of our problems if they just pass enough legislation. This is about as stupid as a libertarian who says that getting rid of all regulation will solve all of our problems. The truth is the best solution is somewhere in the middle, but most people are too lazy to try to find it. And those that try are considered the enemy by the two parties because they are neither left enough nor right enough.

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