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Comment: Re:one down, about a dozen to go. (Score 1) 851 851

There is an even bigger problem with banning something into oblivion- The government gets used to that tax money, and once that item actually goes away, you are left with designated spending that needs to be funded (because we know the option of "end that particular spending" is never addressed). So now taxes get raised on something else instead.

Comment: Re:But Bernie Sanders is 'IRRELEVANT' (Score 1) 1032 1032

As much as I am not politically aligned with Sanders, the difference between him and Obama is that Obama was chosen and groomed as President. Sanders on the other hand is not being groomed by the media and the democrats. And I have to admit that Sanders, again, unlike Obama, is very straightforward and honest with what he wants to achieve. I may disagree with Sanders, but I still trust him when he makes a promise.

Comment: Well let's see... (Score 1) 301 301

I would need one for the mouse, because track pads are no good for gaming.
I would need one for the keyboard, because laptop keyboards are too cramped.
I would need one for a webcam, because the webcams that come with laptops are too low quality for my standards.
I would need one for an external DVD/Blu-ray combo burner since laptop optical drives are cheap.
I would need one for an external hard drive since laptop hard drives are too small.
I would need a jack for speakers, since laptop speakers are terrible.
I would also need HDMI, because laptop monitors are way too small.

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