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Comment: Can't blame them. (Score 2) 398

by Veranix (#47264563) Attached to: Why China Is Worried About Japan's Plutonium Stocks
Given that the Ukraine situation has just given the world an example of what nuclear-capable allies do when a nuclear-capable country invades a country without that capability (which is essentially to finger-wag and frown at the invader), could anyone really blame Japan if they did opt to arm themselves?

Comment: Re:Causality (Score 1) 484

by Veranix (#34570174) Attached to: America's Cubicles Are Shrinking
The company I work for actually did almost exactly this. On the same lot as our corporate building is a Marriott, guests of which share the use of our employee parking garage. The execs have normal-sized offices in the corporate building which they are almost never in, and the sky fairy of your choice alone knows how many visitors have been put up in the Marriott on our company's dime. As the entire lot was developed expressly for us, I'm inclined to believe it was planned out to be as you say.

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