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Comment: Re:Flint axes (Score 2) 615

by Veldcath (#35068826) Attached to: Do Tools Ever 'Die?'
Still being made and used by historical buffs (I've talked with a guy who was actively making stone tools to show how it was done), and a pair of anthropologists go around demonstrating how stone knives could be very good at taking apart animals that hunters had brought down. All that stuff is still being made and used, if only to show how it was made and used.

Comment: Re:Why are you destroying anything (Score 1) 680

by Veldcath (#34945536) Attached to: How Do You Store Your Personal Photos?
Not to mention, some of my better photos have been ones that I hadn't meant to take, or turned out wrong on first look, but a bit of cropping and playing turned it into something I really liked. The only time I actually delete a photo is if it's completely and totally worthless (like a completely blurry picture of my foot, or something, from when I'm walking across a field.)

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