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Comment: Re:Remember TEMPEST? (Score 2) 264

by Vegemeister (#45732349) Attached to: Scientists Extract RSA Key From GnuPG Using Sound of CPU
In practice though, I though GPG was used to encrypt a randomly generated AES key, because symmetric ciphers are much faster than most asymmetric ones. There's no way to conduct a chosen plaintext attack, because the plaintext is a tiny fragment of random data with no particular significance.

Comment: Re:Reality is not FUD (Score 1) 331

by Vegemeister (#44469035) Attached to: Why PBS Won't Do Android
I don't. Every time I open an app on my phone, it has a non-negligible probability of causing some other app from being evicted from memory. Web pages seem to be mostly immune to this problem. I tried several different Reddit apps, but I always end up going back to browsing Reddit with Firefox, because it's so much less of a hassle to pop open another tab and look something up on google or Wikipedia.

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