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Comment Telemetry confirmed? (Score 4, Insightful) 568

Has anyone analyzed the data being sent? Or is this a big assumption? Could this be other apps that were installed by default 'calling home'? I'm not doubting that MS might do this, but in all fairness, this seems example seems like unsubstantial speculation....and a pretty weak 'test to boot. Remember that high school class who put sprouts by a wifi router and found the 'closer plants died'? I did the same thing for fun, and found the closer sprouts actually grew faster and more abundantly, probably since they were warmer. Shouldn't we suspend judgement until further tests and confirmation is made...?

Comment Re:More details... (Score 1) 262

You're right but wrong - sure, 700 watts for 2 minutes, but I'm talking about average over an hour, which is 400-500w. You can average out any length of time, and common points we track are 1sec, 5sec, 10sec, 30sec, 1min, 2min, 10min, 20min, 30min & 60min. Also, track cyclists are a whole other beast - a sprinter like the one in the video trains VERY differently from a Tour de France or cyclocross racer. What they do in 2min is's what they can do in 10 - 60min ranges that matters. (And the reason the tour winner has lower watts is because they're 'protected' for the vast majority of the race, being drafted by teammates, which saves 30-40% of their energy/aka watts. These guys shine in time trials and climbing, which are longer periods.)

Comment Re:How much would it help? (Score 4, Informative) 262

The bikes are about 16-18lbs. Even with the motor, just FYI. This technology already exists and you can read about it here:

This thing can put out 110w over an hour. And it would help over an hour, for sure. The average pro can put out 400-500w over an hour. Add 110w to that? It's HUGE. It could put mediocre pros on the podium.

It's worth reading the article, there's a lot more to it too...her brother was also caught doping EPO. And claims it was her 'friends' bike...that just happened to get brought into the race. All pretty shady stuff.

Comment Re:More details... (Score 4, Informative) 262

To give the power (wattage) a little more context: typical pros can average 400-500w over an hour. If someone could add 110w to that, it's a massive gain. It can turn someone with mediocre fitness into a 'champion'. It can make the difference for a successful breakaway for sure. And at the very least, it will save a ton of energy. A famous cycling quote goes along the lines of 'it's not who's fastest who wins, it's who has the most energy at the end who wins'. It's pretty significant. (Also worth noting: the average person can average 100-150w over an hour.)

Comment OP should have mentioned Twitter (Score 1) 28

Although mentioned briefly in the article, Twitter is a pretty great indicator of TV interest. Of particular note, what's become quite popular is actors and others involved in programs live-Tweeting during the episodes, and interacting with fans. Jeff Probst has been doing this for several years, and some actors like William Shatner are actually really active as well (live-Tweeting during sci-fi shows.) It's a neat twist on things that really doesn't work on FB or IG.

Comment Re:God I hate to say this, but (Score 2) 562


I dunno - was this JJ & Co trying to add 'nuance' to the film? Create some kind of story arc that shows he's conflicted between the light and dark?

Rather than being another black and white 'bad guy', of which there's already been a ton of them....everywhere, including Star Wars....maybe we're going for another kind of antagonist. And what he did on that bridge on that bridge on the star killer base was pretty brutal...especially for fans! Perhaps that's where he fully committed to the dark side (or is trying to at least..) Redemption is a huge theme in Star Wars. I'm guessing the story is building in that direction. (Although admittedly pretty poorly But this is Star Wars after all.)

I totally see what you're saying (emo kid hahahaha) but if I give JJ the benefit of the doubt, it might turn out to be interesting in the next episode.. My two cents anyway.

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