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Comment Re:It shows how powerful misinformation is (Score 0) 222

Just a thought: the released animals were going to be killed. They probably had horrible lives. A chance to 'fend for themselves' is probably less cruel than what was lined up for them if they remained.

To be honest, I'm also not comfortable with 'releases', they can also wreck havoc on local wildlife and are probably 'invasive'...but I've yet to come across a convincing argument against my first paragraph. Not saying releasing them is right, but the argument 'they're going to die when released' is flimsy given they're going to be killed anyway (and suffer until that moment). At least when released, there's a chance some may have a quality life. Kept captive, none will. (And to reiterate, I'm on the fence on the issue, so please don't down-vote me because you disagree. I'm inviting arguments to this position, so let's see you use your words. As a vegan of 25+ years, and vegan and animal rights activist of most of that, I also disagree strongly with most of what PETA does, including what they've done in this story. As a matter of fact, MANY vegans also find PETA strongly distasteful, so please don't lump us all together. There are those who like PETA [vegan or not] and the rest of us.)

Comment This is really preferred to vegan options? (Score 1) 381

I find it rather shocking that rather than go for any of the vegan (and low-carbon) meat options, people would rather 'grow' and consume worms..? We've come a long way from blocks of tofu, check out the offerings from companies like Gardein, Beyond Meat, Viana and Fry's. They may not taste exactly like meat (although hot dogs aren't terribly hard to emulate), but they're generally pretty good in their own right. And no doubt they'll try turning them into burgers as well -- is a worm-based fake burger really more appealing than a veggie-based fake burger? I'm not trolling, I'm genuinely interested if this is the case!

Comment Re:Is the URL encoded in browser SSL as well? (Score 1) 176

It was my partners rental suite, basement in a house, before we got a place together. Not worried about agreements, etc, they aren't renting any longer.

More interested in how secure and private HTTPS is - I have a feeling that there are aspects that are more public than we'd think... Anyone want to configure their router so that it blocks particular terms like this, and see what happens when you try it with an HTTPS URL? (I never asked how he did it, it might be something like a 'parental blocking' feature on the wifi router...but in theory that shouldn't stop a VPN or HTTPS browser connection, right?!)

Comment Is the URL encoded in browser SSL as well? (Score 1) 176

I'm wondering if the URL encoded in a browser SSL connection as well?

I had a particularly anal landlord not long ago, and we relied on their wifi, and he didn't want anyone downloading torrents, and went so far as to block nearly every port, as well as blocking any URL containing 'torrent'. So of course a torrent file couldn't be downloaded, but searching Google for 'torrent' would result in no page loading, and even news sites like came up blank. (Yes, a brilliant strategy. I wasn't actually trying to download torrents, but wanted to play some games like Diablo 3, which were also stymied by these port blocks. Ended up using wifi sharing on my mobile phone, which actually worked surprisingly well - only used about 30mb per hour.)

I don't recall 100% if this still blocked me with a HTTPS URL (I believe it did give it a try), but I even went so far as to try out a VPN service, and even THAT was blocked -- still couldn't load any pages containing the term 'Torrent', which really surprised me (and the game wouldn't load.) The router settings trumped my PC settings in this case.

If this is the case, then can't they still track a lot of your web-browsing habits by the URL you're visiting? (Just perhaps not the content of the page sent to you itself?)

Submission + - Poll: What electronics do you want in your car 1

sleepypsycho writes: What electronics do you want in you car?
- Self driving car
- Collision avoidance
- Integrated electronics system: gps, audio,tire pressure warnings
- Completed isolate systems: gps, fuel injection
- Nothing with a computer chip
- I don't want any kind of car
- Roof mounted death ray

Submission + - Why NASA's road to Mars plan proves that it should return to the moon first (

MarkWhittington writes: published the results of current NASA thinking concerning what needs to be launched and when to support a crewed mission to Phobos and two crewed missions to the Martian surface between 2033 and 2043. The result is a mind-numbingly complex operation involving dozens of launches to cis-lunar space and Mars using the heavy lift Space Launch System. The architecture includes a collection of habitation modules, Mars landers, propulsion units (both chemical rockets and solar electric propulsion) and other parts of a Mars ship.

Comment Re:I am no vegan (Score 1) 317

I dunno, are they really a form of self-sufficiency? Where do they get the hens from in the first place? Often they're not 'local', but shipped in. The feed most people give them is also not local.. While some people will have enough 'scraps' to actually feed and nourish hens, I imagine a lot of people don't, and have to actually buy more food for them, where most of the calories and protein are lost..

For example: "By the time your layer hen has reached maturity at 5 months of age, she will have consumed approximately 20 pounds of feed." That's 20lbs of edible food gone, per hen, before you even get a single egg! How is that sustainable? 3 hens means 60lbs of grains, gone...that's a lot of food when you're talking about growing your own.

If you're really serious about self-sufficiency, then it'd be much more efficient to eat the grains you're feeding to the hen instead, dontcha think? (And again, rinse and repeat process after a year or two when you're only getting an egg or two a week, but they're still eating the same amount of food.)

Sure, some homes work, but the vast majority of back yards I'm familiar with wouldn't..or they would devour the garden crops intended for people (as happens with an acquaintance). But I think if you really examine it for 'self-sufficiency', and go beyond the hobby fad, there are a lot of strikes against them..

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