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Comment Re:$68 Billion for high speed trains (Score 1) 599 599

Not necessarily, look how quickly we acted on things like acid rain or the ozone and CFC's. And 200 years ago in the US, just the thought of the country not having human slaves was, quite honestly, considered ludicrous and literally impossible to even imagine. Same with other civil liberties like equality for women. Very few people back then were thinking 'oh, this is just around the corner'. It was unfathomable. Impossible. Yet social justice tends to turn things around.

It won't be tomorrow or next week or next year, but it will happen, and it will likely be sooner than we think, imo.

Comment Re:$68 Billion for high speed trains (Score 1) 599 599

Supplement, singular. B12. Which they recommend EVERYONE over 50 take:

"People over 50 should get most of their vitamin B12 from fortified foods or dietary supplements because, in most cases, their bodies can absorb vitamin B12 from these sources."

I take 2x 1000mcg of B12 once a week. Had my blood tested a couple months ago, I've been vegan over 24yrs and my B12 is on the high end (535pmol/L, healthy range is 150-650.)

If you do your research, you'll find B12 deficiency is actually pretty common in non-vegans too, and many have to supplement even tho they're not vegan.

Try eating "meat alone", I promise you'll regret it after about a week when you have no energy and are completely constipated. They don't 'choose' it, it's their only option much of the year (and they do eat seaweed, some native plants that grow in the warmer. They don't live on ice 365 days a year.)

Plus, you'll need to eat quite differently to adapt - Vitamin C isn't present in cooked animal foods, so you'll need to consume raw liver and brains (or, frozen, as Inuit often do) to prevent scurvy. I'm sure you'll love doing this over taking that B12 supplement. Or are you willing to take Vitamin C daily, but not B12?

Next argument? =)

Comment Re:$68 Billion for high speed trains (Score 4, Insightful) 599 599

As someone else pointed out, there isn't a whole lot of 'green water' in California right now. So now what?

There are already many charts showing how inefficiently livestock convert resources...per calorie, per calorie of protein, or nearly any other metric, we're much more efficient eating plants ourselves. (And the fact is: we can live without meat, but can't live without plants.)

Finally, just because it's a vegan website doesn't invalidate the resources it links to. The resources are all there, just go through it yourself. (And try not to cherry-pick items that make a thin defence for your case.)

Comment Re:$68 Billion for high speed trains (Score 4, Insightful) 599 599

You're right that residential use is a tiny fraction of California's water (and it's silly trying to get people to act on this thinking it'll make a difference), and agriculture is in the range of 80% of all water use...but of that, over half is devoted to livestock. So it's the animals that are the problem - not the produce. Also lot of America's produce comes from California, and I think it'd be difficult for the rest of the country to compensate. Getting rid of livestock, however, would go a long way to conserving water AND keeping people well fed. Here are some stats on that.

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