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Comment: Re:Fair for the goose... (Score -1) 476

by Vectronic (#42460221) Attached to: Microsoft Says Google Trying To Undermine Windows Phone

Yes, they *should*... but regarding this specific instance/thing... why should MS have to change 10s/100s of things not related to Google to use one of Google's things. A thing that is really easy for Google to do, and will make them profit?

Apple is a darling little angel right? Of course it deserves access to the API, because they don't restrict anything, at all, ever.

I highly doubt Google is sitting there all "Muahaha, no API for you, that'll show you to change your ways!"

WebDAV, difficult, but not impossible?
Bing Search... so?... don't get me wrong, I love options... but, that's why I wouldn't get a WinPhone.
Access... aww, I hope you didn't short your phone out from crying.,, there's options.
Bootloader... again... aww... it's a stupid thing to do on their part, but...ok... options.

Maybe get an Android phone next time?

Comment: Re:Plex will do exactly what you need (Score 1) 272

by Vectronic (#42426799) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Easiest Way To Consolidate Household Media?

Very large library of...? It's good at videos, as long as you don't dump/add a bunch all at once and expect to have everything functioning within a coffee break. DLNA, or direct connections without all the tagging/info/images/etc might work quicker... can't say I've tested that.

I tried adding about 16,000+ MP3's... after an hour and a half, I gave up, killed the app, proceeded to uninstall and remove the zillions of left-over XML files (side note: do not suggest installing on an SSD unless your ok burning them out), and then re-installed... tried the same with I'm not sure, about 8,000 or so images... not happening... remove, clean, re-install... (ok I'm a bit OCD there, but even with a couple hundred videos, there's thousands and thousands of XML files generated... that shit annoys me)

3570K OC to 4.2... 8GB DDR3 @ 1800 CL8... SATA3 SSD...roughly 500/500M/s for installation drive, SATA3 1TB 64MB 7200 mechanical for the data being accessed.

If yours is working well for you, great... but I wouldn't consider it a primary choice, I'm forced to use it for my (LG) TV... otherwise I wouldn't even touch it ever again.

Comment: Re:Plex will do exactly what you need (Score 2) 272

by Vectronic (#42426515) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Easiest Way To Consolidate Household Media?

+1 for *NOT* using Plex.

It's a horrible piece of "software"... easy? yes... fine for a couple hundred videos, absolutely... start getting into MP3's or images of any substantial number... >1000 you're going to be in progress pain.

Also, it doesn't do back-ups... so the "dumping" part is still open for debate... and since there are apps that do both, alternatives highly suggested... but I have no suggestion.

Comment: Re:Thats no way to be a good citizen (Score 1) 385

by Vectronic (#41446421) Attached to: Woz Applying For Australian Citizenship Because of the NBN

Who knows?...

I'll claim a surplus of ignorance about many specifics, but wouldn't:
1. An X/s optical connection be more consistent regarding speed?
2. Downloading a DVD in 7 minutes isn't really necessary... but it's nice.
3. If everyone/majority has Jigabytes of speed... how would that change the internet, what would become possible/everyday because of it?
4. Wouldn't it be... at least slightly... less prone to acts of God and his daggers of electrical wrath, waves of mutilation, pee... and such?

Probably less to do with "I need pr0n right MEOW!!!" and more about the fact it exists, so... why not?... and if everyone can have it, cool, lets do some shit.

Comment: Re:Vermont. (Score 1) 1007

by Vectronic (#39662561) Attached to: Lack of Vaccination Sends Babies In Oregon To the Hospital

Anyone immunocompromised should be in a separate ward/building from admittance/general diagnosis areas.

What about people that haven't even had a chance to be vaccinated yet, should they be thrown out too simply because they are sick? Anyone sick, shouldn't be allowed to go to the hospital because they might make sick people sick?

Like I said, I'm not against vaccinations, only forced vaccinations... I'm not against dentists, or hair dressers either... force me to go to one, I will be though.

Comment: Re:I knew this would happen - and more worse to co (Score 2) 288

by Vectronic (#39464135) Attached to: Brazilian Schoolchildren Tagged By Computer Chips

I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to find someone to double up on uniforms... or you know, find the chip, take it out, stick it in some else's pocket, which is what I would have done in school.

But now I'd probably just start collecting uniforms and microwaving them in the cafeteria... "I paid for the uniform, the uniform is fine, too bad about your chip"

Comment: Re:Be thankful... (Score 2) 320

by Vectronic (#39434499) Attached to: New Samsung TV Watches You Watching It

I think it would be preferable if they were competing with NSA/CIA/DHS/etc... at least then whatever methods they (Samsung, et al) used to spy on you wouldn't be as useful to the former groups.

Given most "Smart" TV's have WiFi and/or Bluetooth, it's like Google LivingRoomView, BedroomView, ShitterView... just drive around with the right transceivers, SWAT will probably have access too.

There are two major products that come out of Berkeley: LSD and UNIX. We don't believe this to be a coincidence. -- Jeremy S. Anderson