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+ - EVE Online Integrated Story Event->

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Vecna! writes "Today players of EVE Online, the successful MMO from CCP Games, were treated to a surprise integrated story event. The next expansion for the game, Empyrean Age, is based on the events of the first EVE novel, of the same name. As a lead up to the release of the expansion scheduled for mid-summer, the company released a feature site that includes a "live" video news broadcast from inside the game. The video depicts a scene from the novel, a terror attack on a civilian station during a peace conference. In addition to the web site and video, players received news updates throughout the day beginning with the start of the peace conference and concluding with news that the station has been severely damaged and hundreds of thousands of people have died in the attack. After the normally scheduled downtime, players discovered that the station in question had been replaced in-game with a new art asset showing the post-attack damage, and reflecting the advancing EVE storyline."
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