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Comment: Re:The elephant in the room... (Score 1) 149

by Vardamir (#29617343) Attached to: Common Diabetic Drug Fights Cancer Stem Cells

Most likely; there is a theory on cancer that is different from the usual somatic cell cancer theory - check out the Warburg effect ( ). But hey, why look for an underlying cause when you can pick your favorite "oncogene" whose mutations aren't necessarily a cause of cancer, but an effect.

Comment: Re:Its a Server OS... (Score 1) 303

by Vardamir (#29460345) Attached to: OpenSolaris vs. Linux, For Linux Users

I could say the same for Linux with respect to "most Windows applications run well in Linux via wine".

In reality, it isn't even most of course.

The reason other apps don't compile well on other Unix systems is because a lot of people don't use other platforms and they are bad at making cross-platform code, which normally isn't hard.

Comment: Re:No, Thank you! (Score 1) 303

by Vardamir (#29421897) Attached to: OpenSolaris vs. Linux, For Linux Users

uhm what?

I don't really even know where to start with your post. How about "much of what is said about it is just false"? OK, that statement is probably true, but given that your average solaris user is currently more savvy than a Win/Lin/OSX user, I have a feeling that it is less true for solaris than it is for these other OS's.

Comment: Re:Some perspective please. (Score 1) 280

by Vardamir (#29356439) Attached to: Why Anonymized Data Isn't

A more apt comparison would be between Obama's (or some other politician) personal life and that of an actress. Now, some would argue that we still have no business in thinking about our leaders' personal lives, but I'll neglect this point. Also, I can hardly speculate whether the average politician is better than the average actor... either way, slim pickins.

At least political figures do have more of a direct effect on society, as will space exploration at some point if it continues to progress. The same is not true for actors outside of the movies - I just want good movies, and maybe the occasional biography or wikipedia entry about the actor will suffice. To sensationalize everything they do is a bit ridiculous. On the other hand, a leader who we can confirm as being hypocritical (which is usually the case) should be much more relevant to our interests ...

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