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Comment: situation not stress (Score 1) 238

by Vapon (#35574152) Attached to: System Measures Stress In Emergency Callers' Voice
What's wrong with asking the person what's wrong and determining priority based on situation not how much the person freaks out. I have known people to get stressed out and screaming about scratch, while other people like a faller I knew called on the cb radio calm as can be that he hates to bug people but could someone drive him to the hospital he just had the chainsaw go though half his leg and he can't hit the gas pedal to drive himself.

Comment: security fixes or hacking guidelines (Score 0, Redundant) 84

by Vapon (#32116534) Attached to: Security Firm Reveals Microsoft's "Silent" Patches
unless the patch breaks something which you should test in a test lab you should apply most patches, and half of the releases that explain what it fixes explain how to take advantage of any computers that don't use this patch, if it's a serious threat then it might be better to let people protect themselves before you tell the hackers how to use that exploit.

+ - IT Repair installs webcam spying software->

Submitted by Vapon
Vapon writes: A lady noticed her computer was running slower after she had brought her computer in to be repaired. She took the computer to a second repair shop where they found that one of the problems was that her webcam would turn on whenever it detected her around and was taking photo's and uploading it to a website. The repair technician that installed the software has done this to at least 10 woman and has photos of at least one undressing.
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