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Comment: Get out while you can... (Score 1) 542

by Valentttine (#42859829) Attached to: Pope To Resign Citing Advanced Age
I get the feeling that since the flow of incriminating information from the Vatican has slowed it's building up to something big, and he might want to be finished there and live out his last days in comfort rather than dealing with the backlash from this big story that I'm only assuming exists with no evidence supporting the claim, just a feeling I get from it.

+ - C Beats Java As Number One Language->

Submitted by mikejuk
mikejuk writes: Every January it is traditional to compare the state of the languages as indicated by the TIOBE index. So what's up and what's down this year? There have been headlines that C# is the language of the year, but this is based on a new language index. What the TIOBE index shows is that Java is no longer number one as it has been beaten by C — yes C not C++ or even Objective C. TIOBE name Objective C as the language of the year but because it has grown most in popularity but this is mainly because of the growth of iOS — it is hardly used for anything else. No without a doubt the language of the year should be C for deposing Java.
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+ - How CES 2013 has Lost its Star Appeal->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: It's hard to know who the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) really benefits. A common perception is that CES is the place where all the major technology companies launch their latest and greatest gadgets. But this is simply not the case.

Let's look at 2012 as an example. Last year's most talked about consumer technology products (in no particular order) were: the iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPad mini, Microsoft Surface, Samsung Galaxy S3, Google Nexus 7, Amazon Kindle Fire HD and the Wii U.

How many were launched at CES 2012? None.

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+ - Spiderman's Politically Correct Replacement->

Submitted by
jbarr writes: "The Daily Mail in the UK reports that in the latest Marvel Comic series "Ultimate Fallout", Miles Morales replaces Peter Parker of Spideman fame has been killed off, and will soon be replaced by a half-black, half-Latino teen. And the creators haven't ruled out that he might be gay. Toby McGuire's gonna be pissed."
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+ - Chinese couple sells kids to fund online gaming->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: Remember the tales in ye olde days of children getting sold into slavery? Well, this still seems to happen in China — one Chinese couple has sold all three of their children for real cash to trade for online gaming cash. We won't make any tasteless jokes about the third kid being made Ca-Ching.
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