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Comment Re: Whats wrong with US society (Score 1) 609

poorest state is wealthier than the UK on a per capita basis

According to Wikipedia, the poorest state is Mississippi with a per capita GDP of $28,900. Depending on whose figures you use, the UK has a per capita GDP of between $37,000 and $39,000, which would rank the UK somewhere around #32 out of 50 states. Or were you not talking about GDP?

Comment Standards? (Score 2) 76

Imagine a world where there were multiple standards for cigarette lighter^W^W accessory power connectors, and how different the market for accessories would be. Im surprised that car manufacturers, whose product development cycle is quite lengthy, are willing to accomodate proprietary (and likely fleeting) technologies.

Comment Is "tyrant" now the opposite of "activist"? (Score 3, Insightful) 353

"Tyrant judge"?! He was applying the law. A bad law in the opinion of many people, sure, but nonetheless crystal clear in its scope and effect. Are you saying the judge should have not applied the law? That he should have ignored the statute and made up his own rules? You're in favor of "activist judges"?

Comment The mangled version is in the original (Score 1) 52

Note also that the hypnosec didn't "write" this submission - like the vast majority of submitters s/he simply copy& pasted the first two paragraphs from the fine article. In other words, both submitter and slashdot admin either didn't read it, or have terrible reading comprehension skills. Probably both.

Comment Not Greenwald (Score 1) 237

Regardless of your imaginings about Greenwald, this latest release is nothing to with him or the Guardian, but comes from another newspaper the Independent. Snowden and the Guardian strongly dispute that Snowden's materials are the source of the Independent's story, and claim that the UK government itself must be the source of this particular material.

Comment Not sourced from Snowden materials (Score 1) 237

The important story here is not that there's more secret surveillance, it's that the Independent claims that the story is based on materials from Snowden, and he and the Guardian flat-out deny that. The obvious implication is that the UK government itself "leaked" the material to the Independent, to create an appearance of potential danger to people arising from "the Snowden disclosures", a type of release that Snowden and the Guardian have strenuously avoided.

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