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Journal Journal: Foolish to challenge the Slashgods

Something funny is up when a comment can go from +5 Insightful to -1 Troll in a matter of seconds. As mentioned in TrollBack, this gets you automatically subnet-banned, purportedly for "excessive bad posting", so you're unable to respond. What's really ironic is when the comment in question is about the modern left trying to stifle dissent with hate-speech charges... or, in Internet-speak, troll charges.

One critic who I actually wanted to respond to wrote 'Guess that puts the left on the same equal ground as the right now. Only the right doesn't use "hate speech" just "terrorist", "traitor", "liberal" and "girly man".'

My banned response:

Sorry, I can't grant the equivalence of the left's "hate speech" charges with the right's name calling, because "hate speech" charges are significantly more dangerous.

The right degenerates into ad hominem at times, but the left files charges with actual consequences (if you're in the US, check out speech codes at your nearest state university -- disrespecting the multicultural powers-that-be can get your student organization de-funded, or get you tossed out of school, in way more places than you think -- FIRE is a good source of info).

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