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Comment: Re:Just Askin' (Score 1) 166

by circletimessquare (#49200793) Attached to: Come and Take It, Texas Gun Enthusiasts (Video)

the second amendment refers to a *well-regulated* militia

so if you want to adhere to your actual constitutional rights, then you need training (the 1700s meaning of well-regulated is well-trained) before you get a gun, rather than the current US status quo of handing out guns to any mouth breathing moron who wants one. and with easy guns for any untrained douchebag, we have our pathetic american status quo of high homicide rates

the american legal status quo on guns is not actually in line with the second amendment. we require people to take drivers ed and pass a course before they can drive a car. to be more in line with the second amendment, we need to require people to get gun and safety training, and then pass a test, before getting a gun. thus the *well-regulated* militia refered to in the second amendment

the current understanding of gun rights in the USA is a late 1900s dirty harry style invention of anyone should have a gun, no questions asked. that's not actually the second amendment. why or how do people think they can ignore the *well-regulated* part of the second amendment?

they can't

and we will fix this erroneous late 20th century constitutional activism against the founder's clearly stated intent

Comment: Re:Another piece of software to uninstall (Score 1) 187

by Pfhorrest (#49200611) Attached to: uTorrent Quietly Installs Cryptocurrency Miner

As a Mac user, I don't trust installers at all. Why the fuck do I need to run another program to get a program onto my system when it could just be the app bundle in the archive? What else is this installer doing to do besides copy that app bundle into the Applications folder, which I can happily do myself if I want?

Comment: Re:Retro-mirrors anyone? (Score 1) 203

by drinkypoo (#49200517) Attached to: Laser Takes Out Truck Engine From a Mile Away

Could enough coolant be pumped through a laminated plate armor to dissipate kW per square inch of localized heating?

The only thing that might kind of work is clouds of steam and/or smoke. But a liquid isn't going to help you, this thing can turn solid engine block into vapor, what do you think it's going to do to your magic liquid?

Comment: Re:Defense? (Score 1) 203

by drinkypoo (#49200501) Attached to: Laser Takes Out Truck Engine From a Mile Away

What can the average person do if some whackjob starts running around the city or a shopping mall with one of these things targeting innocent people?

Absolutely nothing. That guy is a goddamned superman, and he could crush you into a thin paste with his bare hands. Make peace with your maker, you're coming to meet him.

Comment: Re:Retro-mirrors anyone? (Score 1) 203

by jeffb (2.718) (#49199507) Attached to: Laser Takes Out Truck Engine From a Mile Away

Probably not.

First of all, the target wasn't matte black, so it was already reflecting a good bit of the incoming beam. I don't know what the IR reflectivity of the hood paint and underlying steel was at the laser's wavelength, so I don't know how much.

Second of all, while a mirror layer would be more reflective, it would also be thinner and less durable than a truck's sheet-metal. So, even if it's absorbing less energy, it's also less able to dissipate it.

It is interesting to consider the conflicting demands of stealth (low reflectivity, high absorbance) and laser-resistance (high reflectivity, low absorbance).

It's fun to imagine a target covered with corner-cube reflectors (which would direct the energy back toward its source), but if the laser emitter is a mile away, I don't know how much difference they'd make.

Comment: Re:Sounds cool (Score 1) 71

If it's transparent, I want it on my windshield. Even if it wears off after a year, this is still a major win.

You can use Rain-X and have it wear off after a week, or one of the many various hydrophobic coatings-in-a-can and have it last maybe a month, right now.

If I rode a motorcycle I'd put it on the visor, that actually seems practical.

Comment: Re:A serious question (Score 1) 274

by drinkypoo (#49198473) Attached to: Mozilla: Following In Sun's Faltering Footsteps?

even those that are hooked on the extensions going to one of the alternate like PaleMoon,Waterfox, IceDragon,etc.

This is only one step off the reservation. If Firefox gets decrapified and released as 64 bit then I'll step right back across the line. I'm running Pale Moon now, but the whole point of doing so is that it's still Firefox.

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