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Comment: Re:Unwilling to (re)implement --geometry (Score 1) 818

by VON-MAN (#40306215) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why Aren't You Running KDE?
I always just use my "old" home directory in the newly installed linux, and it never breaks anything. But then again I'm using openSUSE, and it's really good with stuff like that.

But if you just want your KDE4 desktop to look the same: copy .kde4/share/config/plasma* and .kde4/share/config/kwin* to your new home and it should work. Remember to check to file permission and ownership.
Those files describe the your look of your desktop.

You can also use a dummy or temporary account to make your own clean plasma* and kwin* files!

Anyway, as far as _I_ know, KDE4 won't be changing the layout of these files anymore, and hasn't done so since 4.5 (or earlier).

Comment: Re:Found happiness elsewhere (Score 1) 818

by VON-MAN (#40286209) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why Aren't You Running KDE?
"Something you probably don't get though, is that distributions have no choice"
Nonsense, SuSE had a choice when KDE4.0 was released, so they made KDE4 an _option_. Why did they do that? Because they took the KDE-devs warning that 4.0 wasn't ready for use seriously. SuSE didn't swap the stable 3.5 for the totally new 4.0, like i.e. Fedora did. I was still happily running 3.5, AND testing 4.0 on the same machine when Fedora's KDE users were totally fucked by Fedora. And, I'm sure: the KDE devs could have used a different numbering scheme, but Fedora would prolly have made the same mistake and slapped 3.9.0, or whatever would have been the "saner" number, in their newest release.

Comment: Re:I can't decide... (Score 1) 360

by VON-MAN (#40213317) Attached to: Artist's Catcopter Causes a Stir

Is cat-copter adorable, or disturbing?

of course someone will find it:

Disturbing :( Doing things like shows lack of empathy, and is I believe is disrespectful to life.

but, then again:

Didn't realize the dead have feelings with which to empathize.

Now, there you go! All kinds of interesting observations and discussions, sparked by some simple art. That can a _function_ of art.
I must say, I find it somewhat amusing, a catcopter, but how people respond to stuff like this, now that's interesting.

Comment: Re:be careful what you wish for (Score 1) 82

by VON-MAN (#40112529) Attached to: Call For DOJ To Reopen Google Wi-Fi Spying Investigation
I've got to admit it: the shills are getting better, more subtle, more ambivalent. And AC's of course, nothings is more obvious a shill than a superhigh userid with two posts. But still:you are a shill. I'm sure I'll be insulted in a subtle, nasty way, or not now I've pointed out the obvious.
Anyway, you fuckers are all over Google stories like flies over shit.

Practical people would be more practical if they would take a little more time for dreaming. -- J. P. McEvoy