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Comment Re:Arris RD-24 - The Cable Guy's Bible (Score 1) 143

That's odd - the ones that my cable company sends to the house don't seem like they could even read, much less look stuff up in a book. The last one was trying to provision a new cable modem and couldn't get it to register. He called headquarters to get someone on the line to help him. He kept trying to read them the MAC address. I stopped him and told him, that's probably the serial number he's reading and not the MAC address. He truculently asked what made me think that? I replied that it was too long, and that MAC addresses, being hex numbers, don't have Q, S, Z or W in them...

Comment Re:Not ill timed... (Score 1) 633

Stop - every word is wrong. Gun sales skyrocket after a tragedy not because of gun company marketing. but because of all the gun banning rhetoric the liberal politicians spew. People think they need to stock up before bans go into place. If the issue of gun control had never ever been mentioned, the ownership of guns would very likely be half what it is today. Talk about the law of unintended consequences...

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