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Comment Re:I smoke a little... (Score 1) 175

Oh, I most definitely plan to. I also plan to recommend to everyone I can not to as well...thus my previous post. I recommend you not do it, since you run the risk of going through something similar - it's probably not very pleasant to look back on having enjoyed a few cigars when you are paying the price of unimaginable pain, disfigurement and early death.

Comment Re:I run a WISP. No. (Score 1) 190

The biggest thing with the fibre (or copper) is if one core/cable isn't enough, you can run another one.

Whereas with wireless, even with directional setups there is only so much bandwidth in the aether. You can't just run another. So it will only ever be good for significantly less BW than physical lines, because it has to be shared.

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