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Comment Re:An accident waiting to happen (Score 2) 49

But KPRF and LDPR are not pro-western yes men, so they don't count!

I guess you need to go down to parties with zero popular support to find one that aligns with US dreams for russia.

It's funny they never report that batshit-insane Zhironovsky*, has 12 times the support, and communists have 20x. That's how unelectable these people the US roots for are.

*some selected examples:
- expressed a desire to reunite countries of the ex-Soviet "near abroad" with Russia to within the Russia's borders of 1900 (including Finland and Poland).
- advocated forcibly retaking Alaska from the United States (which would then become "a great place to put the Ukrainians")
- Zhirinovsky, who encourages separatism within the Russian minority in the Baltic countries,[17] endorsed the forcible re-occupation of these countries and said nuclear waste should be dumped there.[31][32]
- advocated hitting some Chechen villages with tactical nuclear weapons.

There's simply too much great comedy this guy comes up with.

Comment Re:it makes a rational assumption. (Score 1) 750

New capitalist Russia still lags the US. Hell it is barely back to best years of USSR standard. Capitalism made life expectancy drop like a rock for first 15 years. I imagine it was also shit under the tsar, even worse I'd guess.

Though Cuba has equivalent life expectancy to the US. So maybe there is more to it than the economic system?

Just one metric... double the alcohol consumption, and triple the tobacco consumption, per capita. (RU vs US). I'm surprised it only makes 10 years of difference to be honest.

But yeah, USSR is bad example. You generally had to work unless you were an invalid. It's not the same at all.

Comment old clunky junk (Score 2) 170

Not sure why the "hobbyist" community holds onto old crud like this when newer things are cheaper and better, win win. Darlingtons are terribly inefficient. It will work fine for turning on a lamp from your arduino but so will 10,000 different FETs.

Like people using ua741 opamps that are older than me. At least move into 1980 and use an LM358 or something. Same price or cheaper, and the input actually goes to one rail. Still very old junk, but significantly less so.

I guess people read some circuit from 1975 and figure they need to use the same parts verbatim, buy a bunch and are stuck with them making new circuits, that they then post, and more noobs buy the same old junk!

Comment Re:Once fired 3 times in a week from the SAME JOB (Score 1) 179

HA! This reminds me of the time the place I work at, MegaBigCorp, brought in a large firm that did IT outsourcing and had them start the lengthy process of analyzing everything IT did and how they did it, so they could come in and take over. The process went on for weeks, and people starting bailing out immediately. The quittings really started to pick up steam, and the head of IT send out a memo basically saying that the company really needed for us to stay while the outsourcing project was coming on line, and that we were being really ungrateful and not thinking of the good of the company by quitting like this - it was endangering the whole outsourcing project, which we all had to understand, was great for the bottom line! I send out an anonymous reply to everyone that summed up the message - "Hold still! I'm trying to kill you!" Ironically enough, it turned out we were a really lean IT organization, and the outsourcing company's final bid cost much more than our own IT operation did....

Comment Re:Sure... (Score 1) 262

Back when cars only had a single hydraulic circuit to run the front and read brakes, the handbrake WAS an emergency brake (although back then it was also usually activated by a pedal). Now that modern cars (since around 1964 or so) have dual circuit hydraulics, a single leak or hose failure is no longer an emergency, and the handbrake is no longer relaly an emergency use item.

Comment Ironically enough... (Score 1) 574

He has it almost backwards. Currently, high fidelity sound gear, hardware and software, and services are almost everywhere and practically free - we would have killed for these capabilities in the 50s and 60s (I was there...). And what do people listen to using it? Rap, which definitely does not require high fidelity reproduction....

Comment From the description... (Score 4, Insightful) 267

" KDE doesn't feel like it has a direction its moving in, it doesn't feel like a full experience. KDE feels like its a bunch of pieces that are moving in a bunch of different directions, that just happen to have a shared toolkit beneath them", it's just like every other part of UNIX, then....

Oh, so there you are!