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Comment Re:I smoke a little... (Score 1) 175

Oh, I most definitely plan to. I also plan to recommend to everyone I can not to as well...thus my previous post. I recommend you not do it, since you run the risk of going through something similar - it's probably not very pleasant to look back on having enjoyed a few cigars when you are paying the price of unimaginable pain, disfigurement and early death.

Comment Re:Once fired 3 times in a week from the SAME JOB (Score 1) 179

HA! This reminds me of the time the place I work at, MegaBigCorp, brought in a large firm that did IT outsourcing and had them start the lengthy process of analyzing everything IT did and how they did it, so they could come in and take over. The process went on for weeks, and people starting bailing out immediately. The quittings really started to pick up steam, and the head of IT send out a memo basically saying that the company really needed for us to stay while the outsourcing project was coming on line, and that we were being really ungrateful and not thinking of the good of the company by quitting like this - it was endangering the whole outsourcing project, which we all had to understand, was great for the bottom line! I send out an anonymous reply to everyone that summed up the message - "Hold still! I'm trying to kill you!" Ironically enough, it turned out we were a really lean IT organization, and the outsourcing company's final bid cost much more than our own IT operation did....

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