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Comment: WiFi boombox (Score 2) 146

by VAXcat (#48133561) Attached to: Raspberry Pi Sales Approach 4 Million
I bought a Pi to stick into an old Sony Boombox that had a worn out CD player. I added a WiFi USB adapter andI loaded MPD/MPC on it and use it to stream music from the house server. I mostly use it in in the garage and the backyard. I added a USB sound adapter, and spliced its output into the boombox's CD input. Sounds great and now I can listen to any of the albums I've loaded on the server instead of having to carry CDs with the boombox.

Comment: Re:Not all contributions / sacrifice are equivalen (Score 1) 121

by VAXcat (#47890255) Attached to: Publishers Gave Away 123 Million Books During World War Two
Robert Heinlein, in Glory road, quoted Major Ian Hay, back in the “War to End War,” who described the structure of military organizations: Regardless of T.O., all military bureaucracies consist of a Surprise Party Department, a Practical Joke Department, and a Fairy Godmother Department. The first two process most matters as the third is very small; the Fairy Godmother Department is one elderly female GS-5 clerk usually out on sick leave.

Comment: HP vs TI (Score 1) 359

by VAXcat (#47825277) Attached to: How the Outdated TI-84 Plus Still Holds a Monopoly On Classrooms
This reminds me of the first time I tried to use an HP RPN calculator. It was circa 1972, and I was taking undergraduate courses at Rice University. I showed up for my physics final only to realize Id forgotten my calculator, a TI SR-10 - an early replacement for the slide rule, the basic 4 functions, square root, inverse and squared added. There were lots of calculations to do on these tests, and it was gonna be a slog without a calculator. The TA proctoring the exam had his calculator on his desk, an HP35, but he wasn't using it, so I asked him if I could borrow it. With a sly grin he asked "ever used an HP calculator before"? I said, no I hadn't, but, how different could it be, a calculator's a calculator, isn't it? "Sure", he agreed, and pushed it over to me with a smile. So went my first encounter with RPN, which I had never heard of before....I didn't do at all well on that exam. Oddly enough, years later when I got an HP16 for my programming job, I felt in love with RPN, and prefer it to algebraic entry calculators to this day.

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