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Comment: Re:VirtualBox (Score 1) 374

by VAXGeek (#26207103) Attached to: VirtualBox 2.1 Supports 64-Bit VM In 32-Bit Host

It's true... Virtualization will be a commodity as far as high end features such as high-availability and load balancing. With the number of solutions out there, there is a race to $0, especially since a lot of the lesser products such as VMWware Server (formerly GSX) are now free. If there is not a product in 5 years that provides out of box, easy to setup, high availability at no cost I will be surprised.


+ - Sun releases open source game server

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Sun has just released Project Darkstar an open source (GPLv2) application server for developing networked multiplayer game server's in Java. The project is intended to simplify the task of developing a networked multiplayer game by providing libraries that simplify concurrency control and client-server communication. O'Reilly has also released an e-book in their "Short Cuts" series on the game server."

+ - Online Sales Lose Steam->

Submitted by
An anonymous reader writes "New York Times writers MATT RICHTEL and BOB TEDESCHI claim that online sales growth is significantly slowing down. They claim that this phenomenon owes to the high cost of shipping, the better "experience" of shopping in a physical store, and other relative strengths of physical stores. writer Jack Shafer takes issue with the NYT analysis, arguing that none of these physical-store strengths are new, and in fact that online sales are still growing faster than the economy in general. NYT's view: m.html?ex=1339819200&en=2c7eebf2cf9202d9&ei=5124&p artner=permalink&exprod=permalink's view:"
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+ - The largest commercial Linux installation

Submitted by
Gary writes "Almost all movie studios primarily use Linux for animation and visual effects, but with more than 1000 Linux desktops and 3000 Server CPU's Dreamworks Animation is the largest commercial Linux installation. At the desktop, Dreamworks uses HP xw9300 workstations running RHEL 4 and the renderfarm uses HP DL145 G2 servers, with 2GB per core the servers have 8GB of RAM as they have 4 cores. Solid support for threading, NFS and LAMP toolsets are a few of the advantages with Linux."

Megatech's Avion indoor R/C plane defies laws of logic->

From feed by engfeed

Filed under: Misc. Gadgets

You can thank the ominous sounding Megatech International for making your indoor-flying fantasies come to life with their latest remote control offering, the Avion. With its miniature 7.5-inch wingspan, petite 8.4 gram weight, and adorable Spectrum-Link Optic-Control (which uses "Stereoscopic range finding" for tracking, similar to human eyes), the Avion can supposedly glide and twist through small indoor spaces -- a feature apparently in high demand among R/C plane enthusiasts and precocious Red Baron-imitating mice. Check the video after the break for smooth sounds, and an even smoother hallway flight show.

[Thanks, Vincent]

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Office Depot Featured Gadget: Xbox 360 Platinum System Packs the power to bring games to life!

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BitTorrent releases official SDK for device manufacturers->

From feed by engfeed

Filed under: Networking

We've seen a number of routers and NAS boxes with built-in BitTorrent clients already, but now BitTorrent, Inc., is looking to make the whole deal official with the release of the Bittorrent SDK, and Device Certification Program -- which means we might see that fabled "Made for BitTorrent" sticker popping up on devices yet. Buffalo is the first manufacturer to join the program, but we wouldn't be surprised to see other torrent-happy manufacturers like ASUSTek, Netgear and Planex sign up right quick.

[Via TG Daily]

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Office Depot Featured Gadget: Xbox 360 Platinum System Packs the power to bring games to life!

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+ - Mozilla exec claims Apple is hunting open source

Submitted by Rob
Rob (703254) writes "Apple chief Steve Jobs expects to do more than lure Internet Explorer users to Apple's forthcoming version of Safari for Windows — he envisions a duopoly within the browser market at the expense of FireFox and others, according to Mozilla COO John Lilly. Lilly pointed to a pie graph representing the browser market that Jobs showed at last week's Apple developers' conference. The graph was made up with just two browsers: Safari and Internet Explorer. The graph "betrays the way that Apple, so often looks at the world," Lilly said. "But make no mistake: this wasn't a careless presentation, or an accidental omission of all the other browsers out there, or even a crummy marketing trick," he said. "Lots of words describe Steve and his Stevenotes, but 'careless' and 'accidental' do not. This is, essentially, the way they're thinking about the problem, and shows the users they want to pick up.""
The Internet

+ - Major Website Attack Hits Italy Tourism Sites->

Submitted by
Raver32 writes "In an Internet attack dubbed "The Italian Job," several thousand Italian tourism websites have been infected by software that quietly gains control of computers visiting them and seeks out confidential financial data, a computer security firm said Monday. Trend Micro Inc. said it detected more than 4,500 travel sites in Italy that have been infected as part of a scheme through which data on computers that visit those sites is being stolen and sent to a server located in Chicago, said David Perry, a spokesman for the Japan-based company. This marks the most widespread attack ever in which malicious software has been spread by using infected Web sites, Perry said."
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The Media

+ - 'Father' of climatology dismisses global warming

Submitted by jaymzter
jaymzter (452402) writes "In yet another salvo in the battle between media, science, and money, Reid Bryson, known as the "Father of Climatology", is quoted as questioning the consensus on global warming. Among other factors, he claims money is at the root of the current state of affairs: "There is a lot of money to be made in this," he added. "If you want to be an eminent scientist you have to have a lot of grad students and a lot of grants. You can't get grants unless you say, 'Oh global warming, yes, yes, carbon dioxide.'""

+ - Fake nuclear explosion on Czech television

Submitted by ledvinap
ledvinap (412654) writes "Those who watched a Czech public TV channel in the morning could have seen the nuclear explosion (youtube) in the Krkonose Mountains during a program that normally shows weather at different places.

Artistic group Ztohoven broke via the internet into a camera / camera server which provided images from the Krkonose Mountains as part of the morning panorama program. They fed a 30 second film which showed images of an atomic explosion and the group's web address. According to initial investigations by the Czech authorities, the CT2 network itself was not affected, the compromised camera server was operated by an outside contractor.

CT2 has reported the matter to the police, and should someone be successfully prosecuted, a one year prison sentence could be imposed.

English links here and here, lot's of coverage in Czech media media"
Linux Business

+ - Ubuntu's Shuttleworth rejects Microsoft deal

Submitted by
e5rebel writes "Mark Shuttleworth chief executive of Ubuntu has made it clear that he is not interested in forming a deal with Microsoft along the lines of those recently reached by Linspire, Xandros and Novell. "We have declined to discuss any agreement with Microsoft under the threat of unspecified patent infringements," he said g-systems/nix/news/index.cfm?newsid=3544"

+ - Best Places to Work in IT->

Submitted by
jcatcw writes "Computerworld's annual summary of the best places to work in IT lists companies that excel in five areas of employment: career development, retention, benefits, diversity, and training. According to the scorecard, the top 5 retention methods are: competitive benefits; competitive salaries; work/life balance; flexible work hours; and tuition reimbursement. Sixty-four percent of these companies expect the number of U.S.-based IT staffers to increase in 2007, on average by 7%. The whole list contains the top 100. The top three are: No. 1: Quicken Loans; No. 2: University of Miami; No. 3: Sharp HealthCare. "
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