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+ - [Ask Slashdot] Hiding in plain sight |Between extremes

Submitted by V!NCENT
V!NCENT (1105021) writes "Is there a way to not hide on the web, while also not being able to be tracked automatically?

In other words; no cryptography, no Tor, etc., but also not leaving traces and keeping the possibility of being under surveillance, but only in such a way that basically only a human being from the government can do it as they wish?

It is not that I have something to hide, but in real life there shouldn't be a nanny, watching over your shoulder, writing down any move you make.

So Slashdot, is there a place, somehow, between these extremes? Or is there a way to engineer one? What does such 'luxury' take to achieve?"

+ - Scientists replace a small piece of rat brain->

Submitted by V!NCENT
V!NCENT (1105021) writes "We humans are melding with machines. This is not about using machines to amplify our knowledge (the Internet) but actually embedding chips within our bodies, to amplify our thoughts. The cochlear implant, used to augment hearing, is perhaps the best known brain-computer interface but the last decade has seen great leaps, translating even memories and thoughts into digital code. Now scientists out of Tel-Aviv University have managed to build an artificial cerebellum to restore brain function in injured rats."
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+ - Google and Verizon try to shape net-neutrality law->

Submitted by V!NCENT
V!NCENT (1105021) writes "Verizon Communications Inc. and Google Inc. may soon announce an agreement that the companies hope could be used as a model for legislation aimed at preventing telephone or cable companies from delaying or blocking Internet traffic.

The two companies have been negotiating with each other for months on a compromise on the thorny issue of so-called net neutrality—the principle that Internet providers such as phone or cable companies should not deliberately slow or block Internet sites or services."

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The Internet

+ - MS publishes papers for a modern, secure browser->

Submitted by V!NCENT
V!NCENT (1105021) writes "As web sites evolved into dynamic web applications composing content from various web sites, browsers have become multi-principal operating environments with resources shared among mutually distrusting web site {\it principals}. Nevertheless, no existing browsers, including new architectures like IE 8, Google Chrome, and OP, have a multi-principal operating system construction that gives a browser-based OS the exclusive control to manage the protection of all system resources

In this paper, we introduce Gazelle, a secure web browser constructed as a multi-principal OS. Gazelle's Browser Kernel is an operating system that exclusively manages resource protection and sharing across web site principals"

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+ - S3 Graphics Responds About Linux Support->

Submitted by V!NCENT
V!NCENT (1105021) writes "Phoronix has an update on S3's Linux driver state.

"We are doing an internal build of the Chrome 500 Linux driver to incorporate some of the additional hardware features and upgrades (over the Chrome 400 Series GPUs).
If you want to test the Linux now, the Chrome 400 Series drivers also support the Chrome 500 Series since it is a unified driver architecture."

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First Person Shooters (Games)

+ - Goldeneye:Source beta 3 reached gold status->

Submitted by V!NCENT
V!NCENT (1105021) writes "From the Goldeneye:Source website:

We'd like to announce that the GoldenEye: Source BETA 3 will be publicly available on FEBRUARY 7th, 2009. That's right, the highly anticipated GoldenEye: Source BETA 3 has officially gone Gold! After extensive development, and hard work by our testers, we've finally got a stable build, ready for release. The BETA 3 has been a long development process, and probably even a longer wait for our community. The process all started with the switch to the new Source Orange Box Engine, and completely started our code from scratch, in light of the new Engine"

You can watch the gameplay trailer at"
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+ - MSI develops a heat-driven cooler->

Submitted by V!NCENT
V!NCENT (1105021) writes " has an article about the new MSI heat powered cooler that doesn't draw energy. It is based on the striling theory: [Wikipedia]. A flash video can be found here: [YouTube]"
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