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Comment parcel data that definitively unreliable (Score 4, Interesting) 117

parcel data that definitively defines property boundaries.

  BOGUS statement.

  As soon as I downloaded this I zoomed in on the area
I live in (somewhere in N. Galveston CO. , Texas)
and saw immediately the property lines were wrong.

Not by a small margin either. All property lines along
the road I live along were shifted by offset of around 20 to 30 feet.

  A further look at neighboring streets showed similar

  In the linked article to the story the blog clown stated
this wondrous GM Pro could cheaply solve property disputes (or words to that effect).

    Yah, right. Nope. Might cause trouble but not a tool to cheaply determine property boundaries.

Unreliable, therefor useless.

  Anyone else care to check theirs? I imagine it varies region to region how useful it is but bottom line if wrong in this area it is most likely wrong in other far flung areas.


Is an Octopus Too Smart For Us To Eat? 481

An anonymous reader writes: The New Yorker is running a piece on the ethical dilemma we face when considering octopus intelligence alongside our willingness to eat them. "Octopus intelligence is well documented: they have been known to open jars, guard their unhatched eggs for months or even years, and demonstrate personalities. Most famously, they can blast a cloud of ink to throw off predators, but even more impressive is the masterfully complex camouflage employed by several members of Cephalopoda (a class that also includes squid and cuttlefish)." While humans eat animals ranging widely in mental faculties, the octopus remains one of the smartest ones we do consume. And unlike pigs, for example, their population is not dependent on humanity to survive. As our scientific understanding of intelligence grows, these ethical debates will only come into sharper focus. Where do we draw the line?

Comment Re:Similar with sites like IMDB (Score 1) 579

Well, maybe I was not stating clearly. That is an example of the BEST ratio , typical (with some exceptions) Most media ratings on that site have
far higher ratios of male vs female participation.

      For grins I looked up on IMDB Spartacus, Blood and Sand vs ratings ratio on Games of Thrones.
  Tits and ass and dick ratio between those two are extreme, and
sure enough Games of Thrones has far more women voting.
  Huh, science is fun.

Comment Similar with sites like IMDB (Score 1) 579

This is the case with the Internet Movie Database IMDB.com
as well.
  If you look across various movie and TV show scores
one see's a typical 5 to 1 ratio biased to males.
  Overall 4 to 10 ratio or more depending on material. SOmething
like Game of Thrones is 4 to 1 male to female participation
in rating game which is about as even as it gets on IMDB.

  I've pondered the reason why for years.

    Not having a huge pool of females to probe for reasons as to why this is, I toss it to that they have more important things to do.
    Or maybe they are just being prissy.

    I belong to a large 'meta' gaming guild with 1000's of active older gamers mostly involved with MMO type games over the years, and there too, the vast majority of members are male.

Comment Re:So what did they take away now? (Score 1) 181

I was.
Not available for Firefox 19.0

  So what ancient versions of Firefox does this work on?

    If you are going to suggest a fix at least provide
  info on something that is updated at least once
in a blue moon.
  According to the plugin page this was updated back
on Sept 2, 2012.


Comment Re:So casual... (Score 5, Interesting) 82

"Since when was ageism okay?"

  Well, I suppose it does sound that way. I'll give it my spin
from a 56 year old perspective and maybe some insight
for you.

  When I graduated from a very middle class neighboorhood
High School (in the shadow of the Johnson Space Center, Clear
Lake,TX) back in 1974 I knew full well that the standards
I was being judged by were less than prior years.

  I can't speak for all school districts, onlly the one I was involved with but I know many across the United States, by that time, had greatly backed off standard needed to graduate and teaching methods had changed during the 60's.

    Examples. Multiple choice questions tests began
to become far more common as time went on. In the
past students had either fill in the blank or worse, ESSAY
type responces on weekly tests.
    I'm sure even todays student realizes how easy multiple
choice tests are and that fill in the blank and essay
systems require more knowledge. By the time I was in
school in the 60's and 70's essay responses were
pretty much gone. It was rare for me to face them.

    On English courses. In years before my experience
in public High School students were required to file
far more written essays during the year than we were.
  In fact, by the time I graduated my school district
had greatly relaxed the final English requirements
and the final essay test score impact on your total
score was lowered by a significant amount.

  Mathematics. In my school district the math requirements
were lowered during the 70's. By the time I graduated
one merely needed ALgebra 1 and Geometry 1 to get
a free pass to graduation. Pretty sad as prior generations, particularly early 60's era and before had MUCH more
math required under their belts prior to thinking of going
to college.

    The sciences. Again, lowered requirements. Physics
was required in prior years. In my case again, one didn't need
near as much chemistry and 'real' physics was not required.
  You could get by with a pretty skimpy science exposure overall.

  I've got a number of books on my shelves that date to the
early part of prior century and up thru the mid 40's that
focus on the teaching of Algebra and Geometry to that
eras equivilant of grade school thru high school levels.
Trust me those books show to me that expected
standards were much higher for students earlier
in the food chain. Grade school kids were learning
mathematics that only was experienced by me
until High School in the 70's.
      I recall when a High School degree actually meant something.
By the 80's it was common feeling among many I worked
with then that High School degrees by that era were
becoming more and more meaningless due to the
standards the Publik Skool Districts were using.

    This isn't to say that by today there are not brilliant
20 somethings out there. We all know there are.
  It is my sense, at the ancient age of 56 , that there
are far less as a percentage of the population, of solid
very knowledgeable people in the pool to pick from.

    Indeed, think about it. I was amazed myself at the progress
of the USA space program. I knew it was powered by
German science as that was no secret. I knew
that we had a miserable space program at the start of the 60's and were actually incapable of lifting jack squat into
space without rockets blowing up right and left.
  Mercury, Gemini , Apollo and the landing men on the fraking
moon on July 20, 1969 all occurred in a mere damn 9 years.

  That sir, was a miracle compared to today. I don't think
it could be reproduced.

  So, yah, though it hurts to admit it. I agree, that that generation
of 20 to 30 year olds were far more potent than the generation
I came from in the sense they had a far larger pool of
very talented and skilled people to pull from than later years.
  Mainly due to the fact the standards of the era they came
from were far higher.
  I do not count my generation in theirs, despite the
fact the Steve Jobs of the world are from mine.
        I blame public schools systems, and I see
no hope until they are rebuilt from the ground up.
        Progress has been made since the 70's and standards
are increasing so there is some reason for hope.

  Feel free to flame.

Comment Hell , yah. (Score 1) 357

I can see it now

  Doctor Who in 3D!!

  With Tom Baker brought back in full youth and form
via the miracle of CGI.
  After all, as everyone knows he was the only Doctor
that was, The Doctor. The rest are just pretenders.

  Yah, that's the ticket.

  As an American, proud as I am, I wish to apologia in
advance for what Hollywood is surely to do to the Doctor
Who image.
      That said, recent incarnations of the series
just are plain bad and I can no longer watch these past few years, but I suppose the lack of weed and youth
are the reasons it seems to bad to me now.

  Yah, still a fan of Baker Who.


Comment Re:Not play it (Score 1) 211

Not a problem.
  I will not be in the queue.

  I've enjoyed many Massive Online RPGames since 2001. Oh, six or so or more come to mind.

    I might have tried this one. However.

Soon as I saw some game play vid of wankers wacking
away at each other with light sabres and little damage being done I realized there was no way I could enjoy the game.

    I could not remove from my mind 'the fact' that a light sabre
in the Star War universe I know (movies) is one mean SOB weapon. About the only thing a light sabre bounces off of is another farking light sabre. LIght sabres were used to cut thru
farking bulkheads for crying out loud. /sigh

    As silly as the movies were they firmly established in my mind
what 'Star Wars' physics are. For the game to reduce
such a massive weapon to a mere limp dick sword just does not
pass the credible BS test.
    But, I suppose they had to have light sabres in the game or the wankers would not flock to the game.

  Me , I would have been satisfied with something less then a farking GOD MODE light sabre, just drop them except for use by certain NPC's or special events.
    Of course the game makers knew it would be silly to have the God Mode light sabre in the game they had to nerf them. I guess they were stuck in a 'situation' as they knew a huge wanker population wants to be pretend Jedi Knights.
    So they have to serve them. I do not like wankers.
    Oh well, I lose.

Based on the flock of peeps going bonkers over this I'm in a tiny minority of potential players.
    So, enjoy your wanking away with light sabres.

  No, you will not find me in your lines at the Star Wars conventions either.


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