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+ - AMD Launches Radeon R7 Series Solid State Drives With OCZ->

Submitted by MojoKid
MojoKid (1002251) writes "AMD is launching a new family of products today, but unless you follow the rumor mill closely, it's probably not something you'd expect. It's not a new CPU, APU, or GPU. Today, AMD is launching its first line of solid state drives (SSDs), targeted squarely at AMD enthusiasts. AMD is calling the new family of drives, the Radeon R7 Series SSD, similar to its popular mid-range line of graphics cards. The new Radeon R7 Series SSDs feature OCZ and Toshiba technology, but with a proprietary firmware geared towards write performance and high endurance. Open up one of AMD's new SSDs and you'll see OCZ's Indilinx Barefoot 3 M00 controller on board—the same controller used in the OCZ Vector 150, though it is clocked higher in these drives. That controller is paired to A19nm Toshiba MLC (Multi-Level Cell) NAND flash memory and a DDR3-1333MHz DRAM cache. The 120GB and 240GB drives sport 512MB of cache memory, while the 480GB model will be outfitted with 1GB. Interestingly enough, AMD Radeon R7 Series SSDs are some of the all-around, highest-performing SATA SSDs tested to date. IOPS performance is among the best seen in a consumer-class SSD, write throughput and access times are highly-competitive across the board, and the drive offered consistent performance regardless of the data type being transferred. Read performance is also strong, though not quite as stand-out as write performance."
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+ - SPAM: The Best Pokemon Cheats to Defeat Your Opponent

Submitted by Bharti Goyal
Bharti Goyal (3777643) writes "Pokemon is one of the web games with a lot of excitements and entertaining at the same time frightening. It is a child-friendly actively playing game fashioned with lots of alluring features. The members will be able to appreciate infinite gaming possibility even after pokemon walkthrough game finishes due to lots of game-play and strategies involved in the game. Within pokemon walkthrough internet game, the player is called the pokemon trainer. More so, the objective in this video game is to sponsor enough pokemon in order to fight against adversary pokemon troop until the person is the queen's champion. Due to lots of challenging adventures involved in pokemon walkthrough game it is not always easy for a player to reach the champ stage. Certainly, what you simply need is to get the required guides to winning your own fight within pokemon game. For this reason, this article is jam-packaged with amazing as well as helpful pokemon guides that produce it easy that you should win all your battles. More so, you may need knowledge of pokemon cheats so that you can be able to get over adventures in a few levels. On the list of pokemon cheats, one of the most essential is to learn to get more stick ball which serve as each treasure as well as weapon amongst people. With the help of stick ball, it is possible sell it to have enough money to care for your pokemon soldiers, and you can use it as a weapon to seize wide pokemon looking to attack your trainers. There's two secrets so you can get ease poke ball which are through Comet Shard and also the Dying Outdated Man as well as through the day treatment man. Realizing when the day care man has egg to suit your needs is the technique behind acquiring enough ova you need for the battle. So, the simple pokemon guides you ought to get the ovum from the child care man is to check the direction the face as well as. If a gentleman is dealing with the road that is a sign that he has ova for you. However, if a man confronts the building it really means that he does not have egg for you at this time. Really, one more cheat you simply need is to ensure that you offer the passing away old man one of your pokemon from level Five when he request as that will yield more poke ball than you can ever imagine. Of a truth, you should know that the above-mentioned method of getting stick ball as well as eggs can be applied in pokemon X and Y. Another important pokemon cheats you need is how to make easy money on the game. Clearly, you need to know how the trainers in the Battle Chateau generally pay out a few bucks in surplus of about P1, 000 in each with the battle you fight for them. So you can easily fight so they can get enough free funds you need to take pleasure in amazing gaming experience. With some pokemon cheats you will be able to heal your troops without having to spend your coin in the process. For more information read more ."
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+ - Poll: Magnets near my electronics?

Submitted by TWX
TWX (665546) writes "Poll Options:
Get that thing away from me!
I know in my head it's fine, but no.
Eh, whatever.
Pretty magnets stuck to my case.
Tablet magnetized to my case!"

+ - Ridiculous Patent Troll Gets Stomped By CAFC->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "We've written a few times about Vringo, a patent troll (which got its name, and public stock status, from a reverse merger with a basically defunct public "video ringtone" company and a pure patent troll called I/P Engine). The company was using some very broad patents (6,314,420 and 6,775,664) to claim that Google and Microsoft were infringing based on how their search ad programs worked ..

The case took a slight detour into the bizarre when Microsoft not only settled with Vringo for $1 million — but also with a promise to pay 5% of whatever Google had to pay ..

Between February and now, however, something wonderful happened. That something wonderful was the Supreme Court's ruling in CLS Bank v. Alice. As we noted at the time, depending on how you read it, it certainly could be interpreted that nearly all software patents were invalid — even as the ruling itself insisted that wasn't the case. Still, the early returns are promising, with CAFC (apparently finally getting the message) starting to smack down software patents."

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+ - Rightscorp's new plan: Pay our copyright fees, or we take your browser->

Submitted by mpicpp
mpicpp (3454017) writes "Online copyright cop charging $20 per song explains 2014 strategy to investors.

Internet copyright enforcer Rightscorp has told investors some revelatory details about its strategy in its second-quarter earnings call, as reported by TorrentFreak.

Rightscorp was founded to be a kind of RIAA-lite, getting online pirates to pay record companies and other rights-holders without the need to resort to high-stakes litigation. Instead, it creates e-mail notices demanding $20 per song from users it deems "repeat infringers" and insists that ISPs forward those notices.

The company is growing fast, but is still way, way in the red. Last year it earned $324,000 in revenue, while spending more than $2.1 million to run its operations. This year it's earning more revenue: $440,414 in the first six months of the year. However, operating costs during the same period have already hit $1.8 million.

Rightscorp's two marquee clients are BMG and Warner Music. Together, those two clients account for around one-third of Rightscorp's income.

The company is now working with more than 140 Internet service providers, although they provide differing levels of cooperation. Rightscorp's pitch to these ISPs is that since it has ironclad evidence of which users are "repeat infringers," they're obligated under copyright law to forward the notices; otherwise the ISPs become liable to a high-stakes copyright suit."

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+ - Edward Snowden is not alone!-> 2

Submitted by bobbied
bobbied (2522392) writes "Apparently Edward Snowden is not alone. CNN is reporting that recent leaked documents published by "the Intercept" (a website that has been publishing Snowden's leaked documents) could not have been leaked by Snowden because they didn't exist prior to his fleeing the USA and he couldn't possibly have accessed them. Authorities are said to be looking for a new leaker."
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+ - Operation Spicer

Submitted by Presto Vivace
Presto Vivace (882157) writes "ICAC blowtorch on Free Enterprise Foundation

As a corruption investigation of political funding began private hearings last July, the NSW National Party updated its 2010-11 accounts with an extra $300,000 that it had not declared to the Australian Electoral Commission.

The money involved an obscure funding body called the National Free Enterprise Foundation. It was spectacularly bad timing, coming as investigators for the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption’s Operation Spicer were tracing the links between property developers, a different body based in Canberra called the Free Enterprise Foundation and the NSW Liberal Party.

ICAC’s public hearings for Operation Spicer, which resume on Wednesday, have already put the blowtorch on the Free Enterprise Foundation’s role in channelling prohibited donations to the NSW Liberals.

What is less known is that the National Party has its own Free Enterprise Foundation.


+ - Why Morgan Stanley Is Betting That Tesla Will Kill Your Power Company

Submitted by Jason Koebler

+ - X-Ray vision for Robots: Seeing Through Concrete Walls with only WiFi 2

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Hi,

Here is an interesting press release from UCSB today, that I would like to share with you.

Imagine unmanned vehicles arriving behind thick concrete walls. They have no prior knowledge of the area behind these walls. But they are able to see every square inch of the invisible area through the walls, fully discovering what is on the other side with high resolution. Now, imagine robots doing all these with only WiFi signals and no other sensors. Researchers at UCSB have shown how to do this.

UCSB press release page:


The technology can also be extended for implementation on any WiFi-enabled gadget. At its core, it allows users to see the space on the other side and find the position and geometry of the occluded objects, without any prior knowledge of the area. Additionally, it has the potential to classify the material type of each occluded object, e.g., human, metal, wood, etc.

Potential applications range form robotics, search and rescue, classification of material type from behind walls, detecting occupancy level from behind walls, medical imaging using WiFi, and archeological exploration with less digging, among others.


+ - Y-12 Nuclear Weapons Facility: Weapons-grade uranium, mercury, and revenge-porn->

Submitted by Lasrick
Lasrick (2629253) writes "This is simply astonishing. Bob Alvarez describes the fiscal, environmental, health, and safety problems that have for decades defined the Y-12 nuclear weapons facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. From insane levels of mercury pollution that has gotten into local waterways, to chronic fires and explosions, the arrest of a trespassing nun, and an airplane that came low enough over the facility to drop a large load of revenge-porn, Y-12 is a major disaster waiting to happen.

‘Years of leaking roofs have created chronic safety problems, including standing water in fissile material storage areas and water accumulation near electric control panels. In March 2014, a large portion of a concrete ceiling collapsed in a building that was once part of the weapons operation’

And recently, the Government Accountability Office ‘reported that one of the primary justifications for stockpiling excess canned sub-assemblies at Y-12 is “for potential use in planetary defense against earthbound asteroids.”’ In 2005, a task force at the Department of Energy recommended the closure of Y-12, citing a lack of ‘modern-day production technology,” and urged the DOE to begin an immediate site selection process elsewhere. That set the Tennessee congressional delegations into an uproar, so the DOE decided to modernize ‘in-place.” It can't happen too soon.."

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+ - Why fat grizzly bears don't get diabetes->

Submitted by sciencehabit
sciencehabit (1205606) writes "Every fall, grizzly bears pack on the pounds in preparation for their winter hibernation. In humans, such extreme weight gain would likely lead to diabetes or other metabolic diseases, but the bears manage to stay healthy year after year. Their ability to remain diabetes-free, researchers have now discovered, can be chalked up to the shutting down of a protein found in fat cells. The discovery could lead to new diabetes drugs that turn off the same pathway in humans."
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+ - China Conducts 3rd Anti-Satellite Missile Test

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The Diplomat reports that the U.S. is accusing China of secretly conducting an anti-satellite (ASAT) missile test last week.

China originally claimed that it had conducted a ballistic missile defense test but the State Department says it was actually a non-destructive ASAT missile test. Both use hit-to-kill technologies but China has previously differentiated between them. Washington also called on Beijing to refrain from further tests."

+ - Energy Firm Accused of Silencing Youtube Video with Bogus Copyright Claim->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "One of India's biggest power companies has been accused of attempting to censor a critical YouTube video by an activist group using tactics "almost too dirty to believe".

GetUp!, an Australian online activist group, claim their video which described energy company Adani as having a "record of environmental destruction across the world" was taken down as a result of bogus copyright claims.

The video, entitled Don't trust this company with our Great Barrier Reef, dismisses the company's plans to create a coal mine off the coast of Australia in Queensland's Galilee Basin."

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