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Comment Re:150 years ago... (Score 1) 378

I'd like to be wrong but I don't think humanity will venture as far as Mars, or even back to the Moon. Our adventurous spirit is largely extinguished and replaced with navel-gazing solipsism. We prefer weaponry to spacecraft in any case.

It only takes a tiny part of humanity to retain/rediscover that adventurous spirit. Moon was visited by combined science of nations with... I CBA to check so I'll say well under half a billion people, and with a lot less of accumulated knowledge than today. Humanity is not one collective, and I dare say it'll never be. 90% of people might embed themselves in VR and starve to death, but that still leaves almost a billion people who don't want to. Natural selection FTW.

Comment Re:Jumalauta Jyrki! (Score 1) 781

Lets just say, as a Tech Geek, I get offended / my intelligence gets offended, when eg in this case, a file extension that sounds perfectly benign gets changed for absolutely non-technical reasons but for poltical reasons.
Of course I see the irony here, but changing a technical detail for non-technical reasons and not because of a design flaw or whatever just rustles my jimmies.

And that is why geeks rarely make good marketing or management people. Because these soft people things matter, even when it doesn't seem to make logical sense. Things rarely succeed on technical merits, appearances (including such small things like file name extension and mime type) matter too.

Anyway, the cynical me suspects, that the extension was changed just to get publicity for the new format, and political correctness was just an excuse. Still, if this raises awareness of the format, I'm not going to blame them for doing it.

Comment Re:Oh the irony (Score 1) 781

Your understanding is very superficial. There's no irony at all. No one is honestly saying it is only about a technical detail. It's about moral, social and political values for both camps.

You're right, it's worse than just ironical. One camp is saying "we don't like this". Other camp is saying "we want this the way other camp doesn't like". I'm not sure how you go about compromising in a situation like that. So, a hint: When ever you notice the feminist/SJW/PC camp to have the more reasonable position, it's time to re-evaluate the situation. No matter how good "pro-bro movement" sounds, this is not the smartest battle to pick.

Comment Re:Oh the irony (Score 1) 781

So they checked with one subgroup in one 'culture-sphere' - how many more such combinations do I have to check with to ensure that I'm not offending someone somewhere? After all, bisexual Eritrean goat herders shouldn't have to feel bad just because you want to name your files something - it's so easily avoided, just choose another extension...

You don't have to check anything. But if someone does check something with someone, you should have some actual, concrete reason before you criticize them for checking and then changing something.

But if you are creating a word (or acronym/shortening which will be used like a word), which you wish to be universally used, I do think it is wise to think about existing meanings of the new word. Case in point, Gimp has probably suffered from the alternative meaning of the word (just a guess, no reference), with slightly less developers and users and positive publicity. It may be stupid, but it's the world we live in, and martyring oneself as opposer of excessive political correctness doesn't make much business sense.

Comment Re:Jumalauta Jyrki! (Score 1) 781

World is not safe. In particular for women. You can close your eyes and brag like a french rooster without any power as you are used to do, or do something about it. Every bit of change is worth it, even if you are too immature to think about half of your childrens which might statistically be female. You can do everything you like. That' just your choice to give this chance to all of your children. Now you can brag around and get back to SJW bashing.

Um, please re-read what I wrote. Because either you totally misunderstood my post (pointing out the hypocrisy of criticizing the change of extension), or I misunderstand your reply to it.

Comment Re:Jumalauta Jyrki! (Score 1) 781

Fucking fucking hells ass this world where you can't do anything anymore, because some selfish asshole gets offended evey time.

Looking at all the comments, I hope everybody realizes the irony here. You can't even change a file extension without a bunch of people getting their panties in a bunch :D

Comment Oh the irony (Score 2) 781

The rational thing is to change the extension to something neutral. It's just a technical detail and does not matter that much, so it's sensible to just be polite to those idi... humans who feel there is a problem.

Of course once you're polite, you get a bunch of other idi... humans saying they find the change of the extension without a technical reason offensive, and would like it changed back, failing to understand that they want it changed back for an equally non-technical "feel-good" reason.

Oh the irony.

Obviously it would be different if there was a good technical reason to demand just that one particular extension, but there isn't. It'd also be different if the new extension (instead of the act of changing it) was potentially as offensive.

Comment Re: To be expected (Score 1) 246

Don't worry, systemd will soon integrate with keylogctl and send all your porn browsing to Pothead.

It's open source and trivial to patch. And a distro which shipped something like that unpatched would be dead in a few days. Also it would result in immediate fork. Just observe what happened to MySQL and especially OpenOffice.

Comment Re: To be expected (Score 5, Informative) 246

Make that three, m$ finally pushed me over to kubuntu as a primary OS. I still maintain winblows at work, but I do so from my linux desktop (dual boot, but win 7 is way too slow).

I recently switched to running an Ubuntu variant on my old work laptop (top-of-the line from 2013), and running Windows as VirtualBox guest for stuff like MS Office and Windows development. Works very nice, all you need is enough memory and an SSD and a decent processor.

Comment Re: actually had this on my list today (Score 1) 157

So essentially an elaborate method of sending a clear text sequence of numbers (port numbers) to the server to allow access.

I wouldn't even call it elaborate. But it is different, so it is distinct extra security layer which offers unique protection. Cracking it basically requires that attacker can sniff low level traffic between client and server, and knows to watch for port knocking sequences. The important property of port knocking is, attacker without privileged knowledge doesn't know if server expects port knocking sequence, and attacker doesn't know if they failed critically and got that IP blocked. So it effectively blocks even remote detection of a running ssh server, let alone actually trying to break into one, while still allowing authorized access from everywhere.

Comment Re:Effect of nukes on NEOs (Score 4, Interesting) 272

A meteorite which does not create a big crater will throw a lot less stuff up into the atmosphere, and will have much less global consequences. Getting a shower of smaller pieces would not be fun, but a single big impact penetrating deep into the crust with equal energy is worse.

Comment Re:Results (Score 1) 52

while it is the first time its been run to full power, it wasnt for any reason other than calibration

Well, not the only reason. They also wanted to verify it does not trigger destruction of the planet, or a phase change of our universe. No point gathering data, if there's nobody left to examine it, is there?

Comment Re:An Old Story (Score 1) 386

My greatest disappointment with C++ has to be the QT library. They went ahead and actually changed the language, but kept the most insane parts of it. Let's face it - if your dev environment reads in $FOO source files and spits out C++ source files to a C++ compiler, you may as well make your $FOO language something better than "C++ with extra #defines here and there" . What a missed opportunity by trolltech.

Qt does not change C++ language. Qt application code (C++ side) typically compiles with multiple C++ compilers, so not only is it C++, it is often made very compatible/portable C++.

Qt build process does not read in $FOO source files, it reads in C++ source files, and generates extra source files in addition to the original. The original source file stays there, and can do anything C++ can do. This is a rather critical point, all modern features of C++ are fully usable in Qt apps code, and also support from them tends to be added to Qt (like connecting Qt signals to C++ lambdas). Another very important aspect of being pure C++ is, you can use any C++ tools with Qt C++ code. Debuggers. Static analysis. Any IDE "intellisense" (though Qt Creator does have a few customized features specific to Qt code).

I am not sure what you actually mean when you imply that Qt should have dropped "most insane parts" of C++, but it sounds like you suggest that Qt should not be a UI framework, it should be a new language of its own (which would then be compiled to intermediate C++ code, which would then be compiled by C++ compiler to machine code, unless someone wrote an actual compiler backend for it)? Creating a new language is an order of magnitude bigger undertaking in all fronts, than just writing a framework for existing language. Language design is hard, and getting people to use new languages is hard. Also, Qt was originally "just a library", so if it changed to "not C++ any more" in some version, it wouldn't really be Qt any more anyway, it would need to be called something else (and see the new version not getting adopted, while old GPL code base would be forked).

Comment Re:An Old Story (Score 1) 386

I've often wanted to have a language that wouldn't compile unless it met my [coding] standards...

Hush! That's how we got Python!

Nah, Python, like any dynamic, duck-typed language, is antithesis of "doesn't compile if not correct". Correctness of Python code rests solely on developers (design of app, reviewing code, having tests, etc), Python itself does not lend a hand in spotting bugs.

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