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Comment: Re:Poll is to vague - Define "microprocessor" (Score 1) 559

by UrQUan3 (#35023788) Attached to: How many microprocessors are in your home, total?
Ok, now I'm feeling inspired. On some of these, I'm unclear how many microbrocessors are in the box. Desktop (Phenom II), Former desktop (Dual Opteron), Former former desktop (K6), Former^3 desktop (486) Fileserver (Via nano), Former fileserver (Via C3), Former^2 fileserver (PPro, why do I still have this?) Fanless HTPC with X-Fi, I'll count that as 2 Laptop Axim PocketPC, Casio PocketPC, Palm III Lyra II (shooting practice anyone?) 3x Gameboy Advance (z80 and ARM7 each), Nintendo DS (ARM7 and ARM9), PSP NES, SNES, n64, Gamecube, Wii, Sega Saturn (2x SH-2, VDP-1, VDP-2, geometery DSP, 68EC000, FH1 DSP, SH-1, MCU, who designed this thing??), Dreamcast, Playstation(R3000, Geometry, Decompression engine), PS2 (confusing, at least 3), PS3 DSL router, wireless router TV probably has one Bread machine There's a shelf of my bookshelf with CPUs I have collected (8088, Cyrix 2, 4x Pentium Pro, K6-2, Xeon DP, Athlon X2, Pentium 4, Pentium D, R5000, R10000) ...and a sliderule. What is that? 64? I am surprised how un-modern my kitchen is. The fridge and oven are both mechanical, the microwave has a dial for time and temperature, and the dishwasher control uses relays (!!!, hey, it still works).

Comment: Am I that old? (Score 1) 375

by UrQUan3 (#32950606) Attached to: The Oldest Timestamp On a File I Created and Still Have Is...
I fell in the earliest numbered slot. "1980 - 1984". I have files I put on floppy from a TI-99. I was four years old! The poll results are interesting. When I first moved away from home in 1997, more than half the people in the dorm had no computer. This was in a math/science school. By the end of 1999, nearly all students had computers. The poll above included employed adults, but if we assume poor students lagged the population by a few years during this time, the data fits rather well.

Comment: Right.... (Score 5, Insightful) 164

by UrQUan3 (#32595014) Attached to: US Sues Oracle Over Alleged Overcharging
In working for the government, we are routinely forced to use GSA for purchases. GSA is often far higher than the open market price. As a GSA contract is often good for over a year, prices that were good for a Core2 system last year are painful today. Modern systems aren't even available without circumventing GSA. GSA was intended for cutting grass and painting buildings, not IT purchases.

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